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Angela Simson

5 minutes with the Gold Coast Health Coach and Founder of The Gratitude Project

Kirra Smith for Inside Gold Coast | May 2019

She’s a Gold Coast local, loved Australia-wide for her passion project The Gratitude Project, a business dedicated to celebrating the good things in life, every day.

A Health Coach and self-proclaimed Happiness Expert, Angela Simson mentors women to become their healthiest and happiest selves while also running in person events locally.

We chat with Angela about how being grateful for what you have is guaranteed to change your life.

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?

Since I was a toddler!

What do you love most about raising your family here?

Definitely the beach life and healthy culture we have.

Tell us about the work you do?

I work from home in my two businesses, one helping women to become their healthiest and happiest self and my other business is mentoring women to create an income from home using social media!

What do you locally that we can get involved in?

I have an event coming up later this year with my good friend Kate Caddle… it’s a bit of a surprise for now so be sure to subscribe to be the first to know!

How did you come to be in the business of health and wellness?

Through my own transformation, I wanted to become the healthiest version of me so that I could give my babies the best start at life. That journey inspired me to share with other women how good we can actually feel in our bodies and how peaceful we could be in our minds despite the chaos of raising small humans.

What’s so important about being grateful?

It changes your perspective on your life. It’s impossible to feel angry, fearful or frustrated when you put full focus on gratitude.

If you could give one piece of advice to Gold Coasters about healthy living in winter what would it be?

Get out in the sun, it’s not that cold! Vitamin D Is so important and we’re lucky to live somewhere where we have access to it year round.

What are some of the most nourishing foods we can eat when the temperatures drop?

Slow cooked meals are incredible! Easy to digest, full of nutrients and warming from the inside out.

Do you have anything exciting in the pipeline?

Some really fun stuff happening with Kate, we have some huge plans to help women in business and it’s taking over our thoughts right now!

Best piece of live advice you’ve ever received?

To work hard in silence and allow success to make the noise!

Being a Gold Coast local, we have to ask your favourites…

Beach: Mermaid

Café: Nude Sisters

Restaurant: BSKT

Weekend hangout: Poké Poké

***This article was originally published on Inside Gold Coast.

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