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10 ways to inject some culture into your weekend

Dominica Czaczka | February 2021

You think you know arts and culture on the Gold Coast? Well, think again.

Scratch the surface and you’ll soon discover more to the Gold Coast’s steady cultural beating heart.

Art isn’t limited to paint on a canvas; it’s in everything from live gigs, stage shows, film, galleries and museums to our heritage. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned arts lover or dipping your toe into the cultural landscape, here are 10 different ways to inject some Gold Coast culture into your life.

1. Dust Temple

A melting pot of gallery, live music, poetry slam, live-drawing classes and meet-the-artist events, Dust Temple is an eclectic venue that encourages the artistic community to commune and explore the workings of the creative mind. Nestled in the industrial backstreets of Currumbin, the reimagined warehouse is a work of architectural art in its own right with its wooden panelling and rustic tin features. Meet up for a coffee with friends and cast your eye at the exhibitions on display or wax lyrical with fellow creative spirits.

2. Jellurgal Aboriginal Culture Centre

Named after the traditional name for Burleigh Headland, Jellurgal Aboriginal Culture Centre is the Gold Coast’s dedicated space to the region’s rich indigenous history and cultural heritage. Take a step inside and instantly you’ll be greeted by a wall of colour and traditional paintings. Immerse yourself in dreamtime story depictions or take a guided tour to learn how Burleigh Hill and Talle Creek came to be.

3. Vinnie’s Dive Bar

Guitar riffs, cold beers and a 110 decibel noise limit – welcome to Vinnie’s Dive Bar, the Gold Coast’s first dedicated punk rock live music venue. Paying homage to the Gold Coast’s underground punk scene, the dive bar serves up local and international acts in their jam-packed gig guide.

4. The Village Markets

More than ‘just a market’, the bi-monthly Village Markets describe themselves as collaborative community of budding businesses, sustainable shoppers, culture seekers and creative souls. The brainchild of former marketing mavens Marissa Bowden and Sarah Schoeller, the pair sought to design a cultural community event that fosters local talent and connects like-minded creatives across all forms. Here you’ll find a curated line-up of carefully crafted homewares, unique pieces of art, clothing and accessories from local designers, live music, and gourmet bites. The Village Markets have built a reputation as an incubator for emerging designers, successfully launching brands such as Peony Swimwear, Kivari the Label and Duke of London.

5. HOTA, Home of the Arts

They say a city has truly arrived on the cultural scene once it receives a dedicated art gallery; in that case HOTA has ensured the Gold Coast has well and truly made its mark. The precinct boasts an outdoor amphitheatre, performing arts spaces, two arthouse cinemas and will soon be home to Australia’s largest regional art gallery.

6. Mo’s Desert Clubhouse

The by-product of three strangers meeting in the desert at Burning Man, uber cool Mo’s Desert Clubhouse is part collaborative work hub, part events space and a generally funky place to hang out at. This gritty venue is decked out in an explosive mural by Gold Coast artist Mystic Rufio and offers everything from macramé workshops, thrifty vintage finds, movie nights to a non-stop rotation of live music.

7. Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub

Pink Flamingo is the Gold Coast’s new home for show-stopping cabaret theatre, heralding a new era for the local cultural entertainment scene. Pioneered by hospitality and entertainment veterans Tony Rigas and Sue Porrett, The Pink Flamingo delivers sophisticated and suave stage shows combining a mesmerising blend of cabaret, burlesque and cirque.

8. The Walls Arts Space

Run by artists for artists, contemporary studio The Walls Arts Space was founded by Gold Coast artist Rebecca Ross in a bid to showcase innovative work and transformative art experiences. The Walls aims to connect people with current and experimental art on the Gold Coast through its offerings of exhibition and studio space, performance events publications and discussions, and has fast become an essential destination for contemporary art on the local cultural circuit.

9. The Rompa Room at Hinterland Hotel

Get live and loud at one of the Gold Coast’s newest live music venues. Featuring original local and touring bands, you can rock out at the backroom of Nerang’s Hinterland Hotel every Friday night.

10. Miami Marketta

“Putting food in the bellies of artists” since 2011, Miami Marketta is the Gold Coast’s original street food market and brings the best of gigs and international cuisine under one roof. The live music venue has become an essential pit-stop for touring musicians, hosting big name acts such as Ziggy Alberts, Lime Cordiale, Meg Mac, Matt Corby and Ocean Alley.

What do you think defines the Gold Coast’s arts and culture scene? Let us know here.

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