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Green Thumbs Up: 15,000 Trees Planted on the Gold Coast’s Biggest Tree Planting Day

Helen Stubbs | September 2019

Twelve hundred Gold Coast residents showed their love of the environment by planting trees on the 2019 Gold Coast Biggest Tree Planting Day, beneath stunning blue skies, in the presence of noble green mountains.

Distance proved no barrier as city dwellers shared rides deep into the Numinbah Valley to plant a massive 15,000 native trees, proving that – from the beach to the mountains – Gold Coasters are passionate about their gorgeous home.

Gold Coast kids aren’t afraid of hard work and were among the keenest planters. The moment I mentioned it to mine, they refused to let me get out of it. Out in their hundreds, young people rolled up their sleeves, wearing hats, sunscreen and bright pink or purple gloves, planting trees and collecting seedling pots… getting a bit of dirt on many little faces.

It wasn’t very hard work, as the holes had already been drilled, but planters did get our gloves dirty as we gently removed seedlings from pots and patted red soil down around them.

As if the positive vibes of planting weren’t enough, food trucks and stalls offered chocolate-coated ice cream, cooked food, and an environmental festival to enjoy.

While chocolate replaced the smears of dirt on little faces, nothing could wipe away the sense of satisfaction for making a positive difference in the world by nurturing young plants in our own water catchment.

Beneath tall gum trees, Musicians Felicity Lawless and Phoebe Jacobs played music live on stage. Indigenous performers also impressed the crowd with an ancient corroboree.

A range of stalls and shows provided workshops and education about bush-tucker, habitat gardens, wildlife and more. Two snakes made an appearance, but they were both stars in the Wildlife Rangers show.

The bush regeneration location was chosen for its importance as a corridor joining the Lamington National Park and Springbrook National Park. The trees will provide the perfect habitat for native animals, and improve water quality flows into the Hinze Dam.

The Gold Coast Catchment Association hosted the event, supported by Seqwater. It was one of a mountain of initiatives designed to monitor and improve local habitats. Other current events and actions worth finding out about include:

  • The annual seagrass survey, supported by the City of Gold Coast, which monitors seagrass, sea turtle and seahorse presence at Wavebreak Island, South Stradbroke
  • Platypus watch surveys in September
  • The City of Gold Coast’s commitment to plant 20,000 eucalypts at the Merrimac Koala Eucalyptus Plantation, taking the total up to 35,000 trees in that location, for the long term sustainability of the koala population
  • Bioblitz, a 24-hour wildlife survey at Austinville
  • Seqwater’s continued revegetation, and management of erosion, fire and weeds to improve catchment performance. Improved habitats for endangered flora and fauna have seen the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly increase around Hinze Dam. The dam is home to Australia’s only fish elevator, in which the rushing sound of water mimics a waterfall, which attracts fish keen to travel upstream. The fish are sorted by hand and then native fish are transported to their desired location.
  • Seqwater also maintains almost 10,000 hectares of koala habitat and supplies eucalypt branches to Fleay’s Fauna Sanctuary. They also lease land to Dreamworld and Currumbin Sanctuary for koala fodder plantations
  • Bushcare groups are on most weekends
  • Over 900 events in the City of Gold Coast’s NaturallyGC Program

With so much on, get those green thumbs twerking!

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