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Bobby Alu - Artist

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Bobby Alu brings the flow to Lakeside Sessions

Natalie O'Driscoll | October 2019

Bobby Alu shares his musical journey ahead of this weekend’s Lakeside Sessions, where he will be supporting blues and roots duo Busby Marou.

This Sunday sees the second outing of Lakeside Sessions at HOTA, featuring popular Rockhampton blues and roots duo Busby Marou in the headline slot. Supporting the APRA award-winning pair is cherished local singer, ukulele player and drummer Bobby Alu, who will be performing in support of his latest album, Flow. We caught up with Bobby ahead of the show, and he was eager to take to the stage.

“I am excited because I’ve never been able to tour with Busby Marou before,” he gushes. “We’ve always passed each other at the Virgin lounge, or at a festival, but we’ve never been able to spend too much time together, and probably lots of their crowd will have never heard my music, so that’s exciting too.”

We think he might be being a little humble there. Although he’s currently based in Byron Bay, Bobby was born and raised right here on the Gold Coast, and has a dedicated fan base. Fortunately for them, he still plays here regularly, which he adores doing.

“Home audiences are so receptive,” he says.

“I love doing afternoon shows where families can come, and so many of my old friends and people that I’ve met along the years pop up here and there. I always love playing on the Gold Coast, it’s just that little snapshot reminder of the journey that’s been.”

Bobby’s professional musical journey started out as Tuesday night residency at a Chevron Island restaurant when he was just 18 years old, where he was given $10 and a bowl of spaghetti bolognaise in return for a night of live music, which he thought was making a pretty decent living at the time. He laughs when he thinks about how much things have changed in that relatively short period.

“I like how the Gold Coast is young, and evolving,” he says. “My music career started there, and in the time from when I started to now it’s made some big moves and got some new venues like at HOTA –  it’s amazing that space  – and the kind of spaces that are getting created for art too are so great! I’m so excited to see where it keeps going.”

Bobby will be performing songs from his new album Flow, which as suggested by its title, talks about the ebb and flow we all experience in life.

“You know when you wake up and some days are just awesome and things just work, and other days they don’t?” he asks.

“Well a lot of these songs are about conversations and experiences that we [Bobby and long time collaborator Paulie B] been observing about why that happens. Why do things work really well and why don’t they?

“We tend to write positive music”, he continues, “and we try to give a positive vibration when we play our shows. But part of this album is our journey into light and shade, so we hope the people take the time to listen and take whatever inspiration it brings to them.”

Come feel the positive vibrations when Bobby Alu supports Busby Marou at the Lakeside Sessions at HOTA this Sunday 27 October, and again on 1 December when he joins the lineup of Gold Coast’s first ever Roots Music Festival as part of HOTA’s epic summer festival HOME.

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