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Boudoir Lounge offers Gold Coast a different dining experience

Charntel Cleveland | July 2020

Imagine an elegant setting where you can indulge in hair and beauty services while sipping fancy cocktails with friends and partaking in tasty tapas.

This dream has been made a reality by entrepreneur Harvey Gebera, who recently opened Boudoir Lounge in Southport on the Gold Coast.

“I wanted to create a one-stop shop—a playground for those of us over 30,” Harvey says.

“It’s ideal for those who don’t want to head to Burleigh to get their hair and nails done before going to Broadbeach to hang with their bestie.

“Why not just do it all together?”

The best of all worlds

Boudoir Lounge has successfully meshed a suite of services.

Coming from a family of hairdressers, Harvey says he wanted to “do something for them” while leaning into his passion for food.

“I’ve tried to marry two big industries—beauty and hospitality—in a smooth way,” he says.

But the unique blend of services is not the only happy marriage here.

Boudoir Lounge’s menu of fine-dining finger food—curated by executive chef Tamara Zeppelini—is a fusion of Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean flavours with an Australian edge.

“Our food is like a bridge between cultures,” Harvey says.

“I want the flavours to take you somewhere else, from A to B, all while staying in the same place.”

Then there’s Boudoir’s selection of classy cocktails, all of which Harvey says are named after “kick-ass women”.

For example, Audrey Nights—a sweet yet zesty tipple finished with a sprig of fresh rosemary—is named after Harvey’s spirited grandma.

“My grandmother Audrey is 113 years old and still with us,” Harvey says.

“She has one eye, one leg and is still kicking asses.”

Potential aplenty in Southport

Having moved from Sydney after 11 years, Harvey says the Gold Coast—and Southport in particular—is brimming with potential.

“The Gold Coast is a virgin place for business,” he says.

“You can introduce as much as you want here and people will try it. We are all hungry for new challenges and change.”

Also having a hand in real estate, Harvey says Southport was a considered choice in opening his unique concept.

“There are already 5000–6000 people who live here, and with new projects on the rise, the population of Southport continues to grow,” he says.

“A venue such as this would cost five or six times more to open in Surfers Paradise, but that’s also not the clientele we cater to.”

Harvey says Southport is proving to be an extremely versatile suburb that offers sophistication and a sense of community.

“Also, our location literally faces a tram station—you can’t get more convenient than that,” he says.

Gold Coast a perfect mix for work and play

Harvey says the Gold Coast also offers a work-life balance unattainable in big capital cities.

“In Sydney, I was working all the time from Monday to Sunday, but it’s not like that here,” he says.

“The Gold Coast is much more chilled and relaxed, and you can still make money but if that’s your only drive, you will probably fail.

“Every entity—even businesses—need to have a soul.”

Harvey also has plans to expand his business on the Gold Coast.

“Boudoir will have a little sister soon, so watch this space,” he says.

Born in the countryside, Harvey’s brand of business-savvy is akin to smart farming.

“If you plant a seed today, you won’t have a tree tomorrow, but in a few years’ time, you will have nurtured a beautiful tree,” he says.

“I’m planting seeds here.”

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