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Charlie Ercan, Unique Muscle

Charlie Ercan poised to be Gold Coast Business Week favourite

Jane Saunders | June 2019

Charlie Ercan has built a multi-million dollar business right here on the Gold Coast. Connect with her and other local entrepreneurs at this year’s Business Week.

Speak to any of the most successful entrepreneurs and they will unite in telling you that their path was beset by hurdles, solitude and often sparked by an element of loss. Innovation, is the road less travelled in motion and one that requires courage to give up what is usually considered the ‘normal’ way forward and replace it with something truly inventive.

For Gold Coast multi-million dollar business founder of Unique Muscle, Charlie Ercan, her path to success was started with a debilitating illness and financial instability that rumbled her out of a stable career as a lawyer. For Ercan, her pain, proved to be her greatest teacher and the reason why her business has thrived and resonated with customers globally.

Charlie Ercan will a guest entrepreneur at the signature event, Way Ahead. Book your $79 ticket to connect with her and other guest entrepreneurs.

Whilst in the ambitious throes of her early career in immigration law, Ercan discovered she had endometriosis, a condition that can derail your well-being and destabilise your career. Deciding that treating her health issues was paramount, Ercan quit her job and began a path of self- healing and research on how diet and lifestyle affect chronic conditions. She also found her life and business partner Daniel Papanikolaou at a time when he was also at a career and health cross roads and they joined forces to create what is now Unique Muscle and Unicorn Water.

The duo literally started with nothing, not even an internet connection so they started to work from Helensvale Library. “We had no money and knew there was free internet . It was a beautiful place to work and learn from and from there we established all our business plans and ideas over 9-10 months,” Ercan recalls.

The concept was so well researched that it resonated immediately with customers, allowing the duo to move into their own place after launch and remain completely self-sustaining as a business, growing organically and seemingly unstoppably. Earlier this year Ercan was named in Fortune top 30 under 30 list.

She has bold growth plans and is hesitant to release revenue figures until they have hit their internal milestones but she confirms the business is reaping multimillion-dollar revenue. Her brand also rose to prominence as it was launched at the peak of Instagram influencer growth in 2014. Unicorn Water and Unique Muscle has attracted over 63,000 followers based on influencer support.

All of the brand’s products are developed, blended and manufactured in Queensland

In terms of understanding the secret of her success, Ercan attributes it largely to passion.

“It really is the big one. I absolutely love what I do and we have so much passion for the products we are creating and most importantly the information we are putting out there in educating the public and our customers. It has never been a job to us.”

The Gold Coast in undeniably the national headquarters for social media based health and well-being influencers, but Ercan says that she has noticed a shift in the last few years from the purely superficial pursuit of healthy lifestyle practices to more people focused on internal health. Her own shift to veganism prompted the creation of a new line of products that has been hugely popular.

“I would never sell products that I don’ believe in anymore,” she says and explains that so much of her product development comes from intense research with her clients, surveying their needs and creating products that will serve a healing purpose.

Her deep passion in wellness is the development of her endometriosis-focused community, @endobeehive, which provides a voice for the estimated 700,000 Australian women suffering from the illness.

“I am focused on providing education through awareness of the what sufferers experience particularly in terms of mental health. It is an issue that needs far more exposure and a lot of women are suffering in silence.

“By providing this type of conversation we help employers, partners and friends to change their views and understand what needs to be done for support.”

The inspirational Ercan, will be speaking back at the place where it all began on 11 July 2019 at the Helensvale Library and part of Gold Coast City Library Program.

The workshop, ‘Advice for your new business from a Forbes 30 under 30′ will focus on the key areas every entrepreneur should be fine tuning when starting their business including motivation, time management and budgeting. Charlie will be hosting a networking session following the one hour workshop.

“My key messaging will be around the ‘why’ of what you do, your motivation and why you are doing what you are doing. A strong focus will also be on the importance of passion and how to avoid burning out. Its essentially the advice I wish someone had given to me when I started.”

Charlie Ercan will also be appearing at Gold Coast Business Week 2019. Get tickets here.

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