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Coastal Dental Care

Strength of local communities will buoy post-pandemic recovery

Dominica Czaczka | June 2020

Coastal Dental Care is no stranger to supporting their local communities.

From providing grants and sponsoring grassroots sporting teams to educational visits at local schools and kindergartens, the prominent dental group is a strong advocate of fostering strong connections with their local community.

Coastal Dental Care Director Dr Franck Page says if the Covid-19 crisis has taught us anything, it’s the importance of staying connected and supporting our local community. If you support your community, they’ll support you.

“As a local business, it is important for us to give back to the community wherever we can. We have just recently donated toothbrushes and toothpaste sets for the local charity Walk With Us as they were running low on these items for the homeless on the coast.

“All our practices gave whatever they could afford to give, and that makes it great because all combined this allows us to make a difference.

“We love to be there for our patients and the community because we know in times of a crisis, they will be there to support us as well,” said Page.

Despite the bleakness of recent times, the strength of neighbourhood camaraderie continues to take centre stage. Coastal Dental Care experienced this firsthand when Covid-19 forced dental practices across the nation to shut their doors as Australian Dental Association moved quickly to establish strict guidelines.

“We went from Level 1 where we asked screening questions about the patient’s health to Level 2 in March. On Level 2, most routine dental procedures such as your dental clean with an ultrasonic machine were paused. Shortly after, the restrictions increased to Level 3 which allowed us to provide emergency dental procedures under strict conditions only,” explained Page.

“Many dental practices closed at that stage, but we insisted on keeping our network open to be there for our patients. We wanted to demonstrate that no matter how hard it gets; we are here to support Gold Coasters who urgently need dental care.

“We secured a high level of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as KN95 masks, gowns and hairnets. This allowed us to remain open whereby keeping patients and staff members safe.”

“Thankfully, many of our patients have returned since the restrictions have been lifted. We are now able to complete procedures that we had to put on hold during Level 2 and Level 3 restrictions,” he said.

While restrictions have eased, Coastal Dental Care practices across the city refuse to rest on their laurels. Instead, strict regimes will be upheld to ensure the safety of patients.

“As we are now back to Level 1 restrictions, we still screen all patients for symptoms prior to coming in for their appointment.

“We have adapted the seating areas in our waiting rooms to comply with the 1.5m social distancing rules. In addition, we have markers on the floor which allow patients to follow these rules. We also offer disinfectant in all reception areas.

“Once in the dental chair, we get all patients to rinse with a 1% Hydrochloride Peroxide mouthwash.

“This is to reduce the presence of viral particles within the saliva of the patient and to help minimising the risk of a possible COVID-19 transmission during aerosol generating procedures,” explains Page.

As the Gold Coast bands together to navigate the new normal, Page hopes the city’s community-orientated nature will continue to shine long after the pandemic has passed.

“We hope that Gold Coasters keep demonstrating support for the local businesses.

“Many have been great over the lockdown periods and supported others wherever they could. This could be as simple as having an extra takeaway coffee or buying your clothes locally. We hope that we see everyone keeping this trend up.

“We feel the support of many of our patients at the moment who support us, their local dentists.”

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