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GLOW 2018 – Illuminate Your Senses

HOTA | August 2018

GLOW is back for 2018 at HOTA, Home of the Arts – this year taking place over three-nights. The HOTA precinct will be transformed into an enchanted illuminated setting featuring performances above and around, music, playful and immersive installations, culinary delights and more.

As night falls see the lakeside turn into a canvas of sparkling Fractured light created by JLX, watch it change through the evening with a soundtrack to match.

Enjoy the amazing Light Sphere, an installation of mirrored discs which reflect and spherically distorts the world of curious activity going on around it.

Experience Quadra, a custom-built, walk through experience of sound and laser beams converging in to planes and fields of light by internationally celebrated audiovisual artist Robin Fox. His laser works, which synchronize sound and visual electricity in hyper-amplified 3D space, have been performed in over 50 cities worldwide. Quadra can be enjoyed during GLOW and will remain in situ until August 19.

Catch Heliosphere by internationally renowned acrobats Dream Engine (UK). Watch in awe as an acrobat suspended beneath a helium balloon spirals and spins, seemingly weightless, exploring the uncharted space between you and the tops of the trees and buildings across the parklands.

As night falls, light explodes from Enlighten – The CUBE, a stunningly beautiful, transparent venue where three angels inhabit the space, bridging the gap between the divine and the mortal to create an ethereal world that is profound, joyful, poetic and playful.  Observe them from afar, get up close or even cross over briefly into their divine realm. Brought to you by award winning Born in a Taxi, the work swings between profound, kitsch and joyful.

“Enlighten was an unconditional success, mesmerising, engaging and entertaining. Delivering a transformative and uplifting experience for audiences of every age and culture,” said David Atkins, Artistic Director White Night Melbourne 2017.

See Melbourne based international artist Carla O’Brien’s incredibly popular interactive neon art installations including her signature piece Neon Angel Wings, Baby Wings and her newest installation Neon Dog Park.  Vibrant and glowing bright at night, the touchable works are created with LED Neon Flex – a revolutionary new replacement for glass neon giving you an immersive 3D multi-colour experience.

“It’s amazing to see how fascinated people are by neon art. Maybe because neon is traditionally used for signage, it’s not something we’re used to touching. I make art for people to interact with – that’s what brings it to life. To me, my pieces only become real art once people get involved with them. Each piece is a photographer’s delight as the LED Neon Flex gives off a beautiful glow and people love taking photos and selfies with them,” said Carla.

Bring the family and make sure you dress in style for GLOW, think black light and fractured light – add yourself to the myriad of moving lights with your own 2018 Glow style.

There will be lots of surprises over the three days including neon face painting, music, dancing in the dark and food to be enjoyed under the stars. There may also be a special appearance from the White Whale, the inflatable art that wowed crowds at GC2018 opening ceremony.

Click here for the full program.

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