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Gold Coast duo develop app to help local businesses go contactless

Dominica Czaczka | March 2020

As the uncertainty of the global Covid-19 pandemic hits home, local hospitality operators are changing the way they operate in a bid to flatten the curve.

A local Gold Coast duo have come to rescue and developed ‘Tukka’, an app designed to help cafes, restaurants and bars go contactless. The premise is simple; patrons can choose, order and pay for their meals directly through the app. Orders are sent straight to the kitchen, freeing up staff for food prep and helping businesses enforce social distancing preventative measures. Restaurants can choose to have staff bring the meal to patrons or alternatively customers can pick-up their order as takeaway.

With cafes, bars and restaurants scrambling to protect staff and customers by limiting cash transactions, numbers at venues and offering takeaway options, Tukka has stepped in to help hospitality bosses navigate the difficulties of operating in the wake of the pandemic.

“Limiting human contact during a time like this could prevent the spread to those most vulnerable,” said co-creators Tyla Hall and Shane Thomas.

They hope Tukka can help local Gold Coast businesses keep their doors open amidst the economic uncertainty Covid-19 poses.

“What Covid-19 is doing to local businesses is tragic and seeing small businesses potentially close their doors isn’t right. We never would have thought that Tukka could be a solution to something like this, but it seems as though it really could be.

“In a lot of cases this means people aren’t out and about spending their money, which means local businesses may close their doors for good. Tukka could relieve some of the pressure from both the customer and the venue and align with social distancing measures,” explained Hall.

With the app nearing the final stages of completion, Hall and Thomas have made the decision to release the BETA version early to interested businesses at a break-even cost, until the pandemic is over.

Hall said the BETA version of the app is fully functional and was successfully trialled by Burleigh Heads Surf Club.

“There are still some features we are working on and need to apply version 1 of the user interface to the aesthetic design.”

“We are able to take on venues now and can scale quickly. We would just ask that any venues that take it on keep in mind that we are releasing the BETA version early to help out, so there are a few things that need to be polished.

“We are hopeful that people will be kind and supportive but it’s the risk we are taking to try and help our community and hopefully keep our local economy afloat during this time,” said Hall.

Business interested in going contactless can contact Tukka.

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