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Baking Bread for Gold Coasters since the 1950’s

Kylie Mitchell-Smith | October 2020

The Marrable family have been baking bread for Gold Coast families since 1956, employing over 120 staff – Gold Coast Bakeries is as essential to the coast community as flour is to water.

Harvey and Dulcie Marrable began with humble beginnings opening their bakery over 60 years ago in an understated beachside factory in Mermaid Beach. Fast-forward a few decades and with Harvey still at the helm they offer a wide variety of classic bread, a selection of organic bread, bread rolls, tortillas, flat breads, sweets and a full gluten free range.

Founder and Managing Director Harvey Marrable said “with unwavering support and inspiration from my late wife Dulcie we have been lovingly preparing bread for the Gold Coast and surrounds since the late 50’s and let me tell you there really is no better place to work and live.”

Growing up Harvey recalls being inspired by his late father who began baking bread and pastry making in London in the early 1920’s. Destined to a life in and around a bakehouse, Harvey is still an active worker at Gold Coast Bakeries and is driven by the team around him which includes the next two generations, his son Warren and grandsons.

Gold Coast Bakeries is an independently owned business that prides itself on keeping it in the family, whilst creating employment opportunities for the wider Gold Coast Community. Throughout the 60 plus years of business the bakery has witnessed an array of changes from global recessions to dietary and bakery trends that come and go.

The steadfast business has preserved the age-old technique of bread making which dates back as far as 3000BC Egyptian times. Bread has been a primary food staple across the globe for centuries, the simple doughy formula that is the perfect accompaniment to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Gold Coast Bakeries headquarters are now situated in Molendinar, with a team of sales representatives and drivers who deliver freshly baked bread daily-with over 50 vendor distributors from as far north as the Sunshine Coast to as West as Toowoomba.

A large-scale bread bakery that can produce endless quantities of the good stuff, mixing up to 350kg of dough every 5 minutes with over 300 different varieties available. Gold Coast Bakeries can make any type of bread imaginable, just add the vital ingredients of flour, water, salt and yeast.

Harvey Marrable and his family are renowned across the coast for assisting local charities such as schools and community groups with in-kind support and sponsorship opportunities. Their motto is to ensure the local community are supported by reinvesting in local products and small businesses.

There is also no compromise on quality, taking pride in preparing wholesome and tasty bread that is good for you. Inspired by the flavours of Europe there is a selection of freshly baked café items from banana bread to croissants and Danishes.

The Marrable family exemplifies the great Australian spirit of hard work, passion and dedication to their craft- inspiring and nurturing a future generation to come up in the baking ranks that will ensure the success of the business into the future.

We pay homage to Harvey Marrable and his late wife Dulcie for their commitment to baking their first loaf of Gold Coast bread way back in the 1950’s and for continuing that legacy through to the present day.

As we face uncertain times with an ever-changing landscape one thing Gold Coasters can be sure of is Gold Coast Bakeries will continue to bake and deliver fresh bread daily.

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