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Gold Coast businesses rising to the challenge through Covid-19

May 2020

The phrase ‘2020 has been a strange year’ has been uttered more times than we can count these past few months. Covid-19 has had a devastating impact globally, with the Australian Federal Government introducing a raft of new measures in a bid to starve off the virus.

The tight restrictions have affected a wide range of industries and sectors, as businesses grasped their new reality.

Gold Coast businesses had to quickly come up with ways of how they would survive the once in a lifetime event. From diversifying manufacturing, adapting day-to-day operations to implementing new approaches, Gold Coast businesses are innovating the way they operate.

We’ve put together a list of Gold Coast businesses adapting to our current environment.


Kynd founder Michael Metcalfe knows all too well how frustrating the care sector can be. Metcalfe quickly learned how costly and limited care options can be, after his own personal experience with family members exposed the gaps within the system.  Determined to create a consumer-driven NDIS model, Metcalfe utilised his entrepreneurial flair to develop Kynd from his base in Burleigh Heads.

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Coastal Dental Care

Coastal Dental Care Director Dr Franck Page says if the Covid-19 crisis has taught us anything, it’s the importance of staying connected and supporting our local community. If you support your community, they’ll support you.

Coastal Dental Care experienced this firsthand when Covid-19 forced dental practices across the nation to shut their doors as Australian Dental Association moved quickly to establish strict guidelines.

“Many dental practices closed at that stage, but we insisted on keeping our network open to be there for our patients. We wanted to demonstrate that no matter how hard it gets; we are here to support Gold Coasters who urgently need dental care.

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When widespread hospitality closures saw Brad Legassick’s inventory control business lose all its clients in a day, he couldn’t stand by and do nothing. Instead, he leveraged his knowledge and connections within the Gold Coast hospitality scene to launch a business marketplace to support local operators.

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Innovate Interiors

This Arundel business decided to pivot their business and look at how they could help Gold Coasters stay entertained at home. Specialising in the design and print of wallpaper and art, Innovate Interiors decided expand their offering to include supersized colouring in pages for the whole family.

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Black Hops Brewery

While many breweries have closed their doors and switched to a bottle-shop business model to stay afloat, Black Hops has innovated its offering and challenged its legion of fans to recreate its core range of beers. Novice brewers can purchase a Black Hops Reserves Fresh Wort Kit and brew their favourite craft beer on their home brew equipment, submitting the final product for judging by a group of high ranking officials – the team at Black Hops itself.

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Aleeda and AMEC Plastics

Moving quickly to adapt and survive, Aleeda started producing organic bamboo facemasks to keep their business running and their people working. By chance, they discovered neighbouring company, AMEC Plastics, who specialise in injection moulding plastics. Together, they’ve partnered to produce frontline PPE gear such face shields; recently receiving their first overseas order to Singapore.

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UGG Since 1974

The Gold Coast company’s handmade approach has seen sales flourish amidst a retail downturn in the face of Covid-19, as consumers turn to support local, quality Australian-made goods over cheap mass-produced products from overseas.

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Good Vibes Pilates

Within 48 hours of restrictions being put into place, Kylie and her team had started their first livestream classes. After the initial hiccups of funny camera angles and members not realising they were on camera, classes have been running smoothly. After around day 10 of isolation, they received feedback about the timetable not suiting clients adapting to their new working hours and life. This is where the concept of drop-in classes began; for $4 you receive 48 hours of pre-loaded workouts or one month of unlimited for $80. They are going so well the team have decided to keep these as an add-on to membership once they re-open.

Pilates Central

With a studio based in Bundall, owner Eden is a retired Ballet dancer and has spent most of his life studying health and physical wellness modalities. In an attempt to keep some continuity for his clients, he created the Transcend Program, consisting of Pilates-based conditioning, Breathwork, and Mindset training.

“So many of my clients are managing ongoing injuries that I could not bear to see them lose so much ground and risk them regressing back into pain. Even the people I see that are ‘just looking after themselves, they need regular TLC. That and so much more is what I’m trying to provide with a combination of online delivery and virtual catch-up” says Eden.

Gold Gourmet Foods

Typically supplying direct to restaurants or through distributors, these gourmet food manufacturers are now selling direct to the public from their warehouse at Molendinar. Their product range includes mayonnaise, sauces, dressing, garlic, ginger and chilli and start from as little as $7 for 1kg bottle. Pre-orders can be made via email and picked up Monday – Friday.

Woodchoppers Inn

Well-known for its range of BBQ and smoked meats, the crew at the Woodchoppers Inn have pivoted to a take-away business model as well as retailing fresh meats and other kitchen staples. And much to the surprise of management, the new business model is proving a hit with its loyal, local clientele.

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The Paddock Bakery

The family-owned business spent the first two weeks isolating and closely monitoring the events surrounding Covid-19 and the effects on the local community. They soon discovered the Gold Coast community had a common desire to live a quality life, whilst keeping safe. After taking every precaution, the team changed their usual tact and adapted their business model so they could reopen their doors – and so the Paddock Bakery Drive-Thru was born.

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Iku Yakitori Bar

Time to sharpen your culinary skills: this Burleigh eatery will have you dishing up authentic Japanese fare at home in no time. When Covid-19 restrictions brought hospitality to a halt, Iku Yakitori Bar’s owner and head chef Mitch Chesterton decided to bypass a traditional takeaway method and introduce Iku 2 U. From pork belly ramen, miso glazed eggplant to okonomiyaki, the ready to cook meal kits give customers the opportunity to recreate the magic of their favourite Iku dishes from home; while learning some new kitchen skills in the process. All ingredients are supplied, along with a recipe card and online tutorial. Pick-up is available every Wednesday and Friday between 4pm and 6pm, with ingredients vacuum sealed to ensure freshness.

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Granddad Jacks

Forget turning lemons into lemonade; craft distillery Granddad Jacks had to trade in their gin and tonic for a bottle of sanitiser. Based in industrial Miami, the family-run business sold their award-winning craft spirits and operated a boutique bar until restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic brought their day-to-day operations to a standstill. With a high need for sanitiser Australia wide, the team at Granddad Jacks decided to adapt and innovate their distillery to fill the demand.

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Savvy San

Sensuous Manufacturing was excited to announce the opening of their new manufacturing facility when Covid-19 hit. Stocks of hand sanitiser were low; so they decided they had the machines, the people and the know-how to create Savvy San, a 5kg bulk hand sanitiser.

Belgian Delights

As many resorts and hotels across the Gold Coast sit empty, the demand for turn down chocolates has all but dried up. Belgian Delights, a family-owned Gold Coast business run by three generations of chocolatiers from the Verstreken family, have been creating their exquisite handmade Belgian chocolates for more than 30 years. Facing a shake-up to their existing business model, these chocolatiers have changed the way they operate and have developed a Belgian chocolate self-isolation kit.

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Time Out Group

The days of a pint, a parmy and a round of brain teasers at your local watering hole may be on hiatus, but this Gold Coast based venue entertainment powerhouse has stepped in to fill the void.

The premise of playing is simple; trivia enthusiasts are encourage to join Time Out Group’s Online Venue Entertainment Facebook group. Within the group, players will find helpful videos and instructions on how to join in on the action and test their wit against quizmasters across the nation. Live videos are hosted on YouTube, with players able to use their smartphones as interactive buzzers via a dedicated web portal. There are three dedicated game show nights each week; Wednesday and Thursday night at 7pm AEST and Friday night at 9pm AEST. Themed nights will soon be added to the mix.

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A local Gold Coast duo have come to rescue and developed ‘Tukka’, an app designed to help cafes, restaurants and bars go contactless. The premise is simple; patrons can choose, order and pay for their meals directly through the app. Orders are sent straight to the kitchen, freeing up staff for food prep and helping businesses enforce social distancing preventative measures. Restaurants can choose to have staff bring the meal to patrons or alternatively customers can pick-up their order as takeaway.

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