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Five reasons Gold Coast is the top hipster city in Australia

Natalie O'Driscoll | October 2019

In 2018, international relocation website MoveHub did the world a massive favour and asked the critical question ‘What’s the most hipster city in the world?’

Using their own alternative Hipster index ranking, they counted the number of coffee shops, vegan eateries, and record stores per person.The Gold Coast slid in at number 70 in the world and nabbed the top spot out of all Australia’s cities. We thought we’d take a closer look at some of the reasons why the Gold Coast deserves this prestigious honour.

There are more coffee shops than people

Okay, well that might be a slight exaggeration. But with over 140 coffee shops for every 100,000 people on the Gold Coast, you’re not exactly going to be struggling to find a brew. It’s not just about quantity, either. It’s become commonplace for local roasters to sell small batch beans from ethically sourced local and international suppliers. Naturally, this claims the hearts of on-trend hipster locals with their unique flavours and home-made desserts. Move over, Melbourne. Gold Coast is the new coffee hub of Australia.

It’s a vinyl lover’s paradise

Gold Coast hipsters love a good old fashioned record and the city has no shortage of stores catering to the modern resurge in vinyl sales. Local old school music buff Anthony Gebhardt works at Beatniks Record Store in Broadbeach’s Niecon Plaza and has noticed a shift of music preference on the Gold Coast. “Vinyl is very popular right now”, he says “With the older crowds you’d expect it, but it’s also popular with the younger, trendier generations. I think one of the things about hipsters is that they are just becoming more conscious of the way they consume music. We make sure we’re on top of our stock and keep a range of rare and popular stuff on hand to suit all tastes.”

Facial hair abounds

Whether it’s the trimmed, groomed, oiled type or the bushy, help-something-furry-is-attacking-my-face type, there is no shortage of hipster beards on the Gold Coast. A LOT of barbers are needed to take care of all of that fuzz. Pretty much every shopping mall or strip has the familiar red, white and blue pole, but if you want real hipster nirvana, you can check out Barber Bros & Co, in Surfers or Broadbeach. You will be transported to a bygone era with the old school charm of timber, exposed brick, vintage tiles and enamelled lights, not to mention real US barbershop chairs dating back to 1907.

Meat is so 2018

In case you haven’t heard, jackfruit is the new meat. You can find it at nearly any one of Gold Coast’s many vegan eateries. You can have it stuffed into a burrito, sprinkled over a pizza layered with cashew cheese, and munch it down pulled-style and slathered with BBQ sauce on a bun. If that isn’t hipster enough for you, you can always wash it down with a highly ‘grammable’ blue algae almond milk latte and delightful vegan sweet treat. “There’s such a push towards more conscious eating these days,” says local Emma Ballard, who used to run a vegan stall at Miami Marketta. “The Gold Coast is an amazing place to go vegan because there are so many options for eating out! Even places that serve meat often have some amazing vegan options that aren’t just a veggie burger.”

Vintage is where it’s at

Gold Coasters are becoming conscious about more things than just food. Fast fashion is on the way out with socially responsible hipsters driving current trends in vintage clothing and slow-made, ethical, locally designed wear. Local vintage fashion expert Amanda Gorman of Blank magazine is on top of where to go to get your old school threads. “There are markets on weekends like The Village Markets where you can meet the local designers who actually make the clothes,” she says. “And there are always vintage options there too. Gold Coast is the best for op shops because there are so many and you always find something awesome for not much. Then you’ve got local brands like Racy & Lucky for tailor-made slow fashion and Miss Brown Vintage which does new and modified vintage clothing. I feel spoilt for choice here!”

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