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Jake Meywes and Guy Sebastian FaceTiming Michael Buble

Gold Coast singer goes face-to-FaceTime with Michael Bublé on The Voice

Sam Cleveland | May 2020

When Jake Meywes signed up to compete on The Voice, he never dreamed the experience would bring him face-to-FaceTime with his musical idol Michael Bublé.

Now home after his whirlwind ride on Channel Nine’s musical hit, the Broadbeach jazz singer still “doesn’t feel like it really happened”.

“This guy inspired me and I had a chance to thank him for that and to sing for him,” says Meywes (pronounced May-wez but Jake’s almost given up correcting people).

“And if that’s all doing The Voice ever brought me, that’s very cool.”

Meywes, 26, has been singing professionally since he was 11 and freely admits to owing a big piece of his full-time musical career to Bublé.

The multiple Grammy Award-winning superstar spearheaded a global revival of jazz and big band; Meywes discovered jazz through Bublé’s records and booked professional gigs in his wake.

“Almost every dollar I’ve made – really a viable career in music – is literally because of him,” says Meywes.

“Had he not opened those doors, the work would not have been there.”

For The Voice’s Blind Audition episode, which broadcast nationally May 31, Meywes sang Feeling Good and “left it all out there on the stage”.

Judge Delta Goodrem was praising his performance when Meywes noticed Guy Sebastian, another judge, fiddling with his phone.

Meywes “thought it was a bit random” and says a moment of confusion passed through the Sydney studio, before Sebastian leapt on stage next to him with Bublé – his industry pal – on FaceTime.

The Gold Coaster and the Canadian superstar traded quips over video chat before Sebastian egged Meywes into singing again for Bublé.

Meywes says he’ll never forget his idol’s feedback: “You’ve got great tone and good pitch, don’t get too famous!”

Gold Coast Gigging

Locally, Maywes gigs fulltime, in modes ranging from just him and a pianist up to a full band of six sidemen.

He’s played the Brisbane Jazz Club, Twin Towns and residencies at the Sanctuary Cove InterContinental, as well as the Broadbeach Jazz Festival and the 2019 Bleach* Festival.

“Jazz isn’t a major genre here, but people love it when they hear it done right,” says Meywes, who fills his set with favourites from Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Sammy Davis Jr.

Performing also led the new-age crooner to the love of his life, Kylie, when the future Mrs Meywes serendipitously booked Jake to perform at her brother’s wedding.

Six months later they were married and now have twin boys: Israel and Isaac.

“We just love the lifestyle here,” says Jake. “We’re a beach family, we’re down every day.”

Jake says his young family hit the hinterland for hiking “any time we can” and closer to home love the loop around Burleigh headland.

They take the boys on their back and their favourite trail is – ironically, Meywes points out – Twin Falls at Springbrook.

The Lockdown Lounge Singer

Like many in the arts sector, Meywes’ career has been rumbled by COVID-19 lockdowns.

But rather than wait for change, Meywes is driving it by staging intimate gigs in private residences dubbed Come Fly With Me – Home Concerts.

“It’s literally a jazz club show in your house or your backyard,” he says.

“Music venues won’t be at capacity for a long while, so we’re putting on the best performance we can in the current economic and logistical environment.”

Meywes will play as a duo or trio with restrictions at 20 people, then recruit bigger bands as larger gatherings are allowed.

His first show is booked for Brisbane and a Gold Coast debut will soon follow, with the homeowner or “host” gathering a low cover charge from guests.

Meywes knows he’s on a winner as the jazz demographic love entertaining and often have homes that would suit a live show – indoor or outdoor.

“We get to bring music to people and keep our careers alive and do what we love,” he says.

For more about Jake visit his socials Facebook and Instagram.

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