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Boy George Lucy Griffiths

The Voice coach Boy George during Lucy Griffiths audition. Image credit Channel Nine

Gold Coast teenager Lucy Griffiths to record with pop icon Boy George

Sam Cleveland | June 2020

If crimping your hair every day for three years doesn’t prove your adoration for the aesthetic of the 1980s, we’re not sure what would.

But that’s exactly the dedication shown by teenager Lucy Griffiths, who combined her ‘80s obsession with a gift for opera singing to leapfrog into a recording studio with pop icon Boy George.

Lightning struck when the Ormeau 17-year-old auditioned for The Voice singing an operatic arrangement of Culture Club’s Do You Really Want to Hurt Me, partly in Italian.

Boy George, a coach on Nine’s musical hit, sat stunned hearing Griffiths re-imagine his worldwide 1982 number one and made an on-the-spot commitment to record music with the Gold Coaster.

“I don’t want to wake up!” beams Griffiths, who will head to the studio with George once the 2020 season of The Voice wraps.

“My idol wants to record with me and produce music with me!”


Griffiths remembers started her audition feeling confident and “ready to rock ‘n’ roll”, then felt a surge from the crowd when they picked up her song choice and heard those iconic opening lyrics in Italian.

“When I sang in Italian, the whole audience just started clapping and I was thinking ‘Stop! I need to hear myself!’” she laughs.

After her performance, Griffiths admits she was “shaking like a leaf”, and didn’t understand Boy George’s offer to work with her the first few times he made it.

“I’m not just doing this to be nice!” insisted George.

Backstage with her family, Griffiths finally understood the weight of George’s words and broke down crying.

“When he said ‘damn right I want to record songs with you!’ I just broke down; he sang to me and I cried and hugged him.”

The secret’s out

With Griffiths’ episode aired, she can stop keeping secrets from her Ormeau Woods State High School classmates.

She had three mysterious days off school to shoot her audition episode that prompted heaps of questions, and chatter hit fever pitch when a “split-second shot” of Griffiths was included in a promo ad for the show.

“It’s been very hard to keep secret, just because it’s such an exciting process and I want to tell everyone about it!” she laughs.

Lessons learned

In 2014, Griffiths’ mother Natalie caught her singing into a hairbrush one too many times and resolved to book her lessons. 

“When I first got lessons, it was all about singing covers, which I wasn’t a big fan of,” she says.

“I knew I wanted to do something creative and unique, something that no-one else can do.”

At 12, Griffiths – who had a natural ear for languages – resolved to sing opera in Italian.

Her first public performances were at community concerts where her nan Irene Korman made “massive ballgowns” to match her operatic style.

“He’s from the ‘80s, look him up…”

Griffiths’ Boy George obsession began in 2017 while watching The Voice with her family. She knew coaches Delta and Guy and Kelly, but flamboyant outsider Boy George was a stranger.

“I asked my Mum and she said ‘he’s from the ‘80s, look him up’ and from there I just fell in love with his image and then his music,” says Griffiths.

She also discovered Queen and Prince, then started crimping her hair and rocking double denim. Inspired by KISS’s platform boots, she found platform sneakers to finish her look.

“With Boy George you just know he doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion,” she says.

“Society tries to make you a ‘normal’ teenager, but I wanted to project an image that says people can be comfortable being themselves.”

Follow Lucy on Instagram: @lucy.grif

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