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Alisha Todd (photo credit: Leeroy Todd Photo and Film)

Alisha Todd (photo credit: Leeroy Todd Photo and Film)

Gold Coast’s musicians continue to create during COVID-19

Samantha Morris | May 2020

Musicians are having a tough time of it right now. They were the first sector of society to have their livelihoods ripped from their grasp when mass gatherings were banned and they’ll be the last group to be able to return to “normal”. I mean, right now, we don’t even know what normal will look like for the music industry.

Some of the nation’s most respected events and labels have gone into liquidation and there’s no end date in sight for when interstate and national borders might open, allowing musicians to safely tour again.

Despite these circumstances, Gold Coast musicians are continuing to create new sounds, record new music and release new singles and albums. And their fans are lapping it up.

Alisha Todd is one Gold Coast artist living the reality of pandemic fallout on the Gold Coast. A relatively new, but highly accomplished artist, Alisha is still developing an audience for her music, so she’s actually enjoying the fact that she doesn’t have to tour on the back of releasing new music right now. Which she’s just done in the form of latest release ‘If You Wanna’.

“It’s quite a hard slog trying to get people out to shows and find the right venues for my style of music,” Alisha told We Are Gold Coast. “Not having that touring pressure for this single was actually really nice, and instead I could focus on bringing the music to people who are connected with me online.”

“One thing that has helped me to focus my energy on the release is not having gigs to prepare for and drive to. I’ve realised how much of a musician’s life is spent in a car!”

Alisha and her producer Scott French celebrated the release of the new track with a virtual gig that attracted people from across the globe.

“People who can never usually get to my shows were able to tune in to my live performances, like families who have really young kids and also friends from overseas.”

“As far as marketing a single goes, it’s pretty much the same as a lot of engagement with music is online these days anyways. Having this time has been so great for learning new skills for my business and getting the foundations in place for music to come.”

Alisha and Scott have performed three live concerts from their Gold Coast home. The single release livestream was supported by HOTA’s Rage Against the V(irus) Artist Fund.

“I really enjoyed the single release Livestream, as viewers were communicating with each other in the comments section of the video, and that’s what it’s all about really… connecting with each other.”

Alisha’s not the only artist ploughing ahead with recording and releasing new music. We didn’t want you to miss out on the creative output from all of this local talent, so here are some of our favourite recent releases from Gold Coast artists.

Hit play on our playlist and read on for a snapshot of ten of our favourite new tracks from the Gold Coast.

‘If You Wanna’ by Alisha Todd – perfectly produced pop with Alisha’s incredible voice front-and-centre. Honestly, one of the best voices on the Gold Coast right now, but don’t be fooled, Alisha is also a multi-instrumentalist still exploring her many talents.

‘Midnight’ by IVEY – recently added to rotation on triple j, these Gold Coast indie darlings are on a fast trajectory to stardom. Already clocking up 100,000 streams (their previous single has passed the million mark), ‘Midnight’ dishes up a perfect meal of dark, brooding pop with a generous side serve of electro vibes.

‘Bravery’ by These Four Walls – unashamed, riff-driven, gritty,hard rock, perfectly produced. This track has already clocked 400,00 streams on Spotify and is just one of many highlights on new album ‘This is not a Future’.

‘Honey Skin’ by TYLA – described by triple j’s Declan Byrne as an “emotional, bare-it-all” track, this song rises and falls in waves, taking its listeners on the same journey.

‘Whiskey Words’ by Verum – school friends turned band mates, three-piece VERUM have found their sound with roots in blues, rock and punk and this new song showcases blues and rock in equal measure.

‘Planets’ by Kobrakai – need a wake up call? Kobrakai deliver with heavy riffs and deep emotive lyrics. A poignant reminder of exactly what we’re missing with no live gigs right now.

‘The Family’ by Saint Lane – multi-award winning MC / producer Saint Lane has released another ambient and polished track that continues to pique interest nationally and further afield.

‘Stone in my Shoe’ by Commonside – riffs, riffs and more riffs perfectly packaged in three and a half minutes of good ol’ rock.

‘Mulholland Drive’ by Rhea Robertson – Rhea consistently produces well-crafted songs and Mulholland Drive’ is no different. Inspired by David Lynch’s mystery cult classic of the same name, this track will give you shivers with its smoky undertones and haunting vocals and instrumentation.

‘Just Maybe’ by These Idle Hands – hauntingly retrospective and emotive lyrics delivered with alt-folk and Americana instrumentation, These Idle Hands are unafraid to explore the darker aspects of the human condition and this is front and centre in new track ‘Just Maybe’.

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