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Ella Fence

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International showcase for Ella Fence at Australian Music Week

Samantha Morris | November 2018

Ella Fence is a Gold Coast musician and performer, quietly beating her own path.

Recently scoring a Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) grant and not long ago supporting Kate Miller-Heidke at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, she continues to write and record music, between other artistic commitments – which include her side hustle at La Boite (which involves roles on and off the stage).

“Exploring other art forms (like theatre, film and sound design) has allowed me to tap into other parts of myself as an artist,” Ella says about her multi-disciplinary approach to music.

“I’m always looking for new avenues to explore and create, and then I investigate what I’ve learned and bring those new skills into my own live show.”

And that live show is the focus of her attention right now, because this November, Ella Fence is headed to Australian Music Week to showcase her talents in front of an international audience.

“We’ll be showcasing a new live show which is incredibly exciting,” Ella says. “Showcasing is a fabulously useful way to develop as an artist, as you’re performing in front of a very different audience than your regular live music crowd (the audiences at showcases are usually critics and industry).”

“I’m motivated to showcase at this event as I’m working on building a team of people who are as invested in my project as I am,” she says.

Once the dust settles on Australian Music Week, Ella’s focus is on her new album, which is being produced with the support of a grant from City of Gold Coast’s RADF program.

Ella was one of eight Gold Coast artists that received a grant through a round of the RADF program specifically for local musicians to do what they do best: release new music. Aquila Young, Radolescent, Mitch King, IVEY, Benny D Williams, San Mei and ELSKA also shared in a total pool of $75,000 which will result in a bunch of new singles, EPs and albums reaching much larger audiences than they usually would.

“I’m taking full advantage of this INCREDIBLE opportunity, using the album as a musical exploration of ideas and styles,” Ella told We Are Gold Coast.

“I’ll be working with a myriad of different people, with the aim to grow and learn and explore, ultimately with the aim to deliver a body of work I know I will be proud of. I’ll be recording throughout the rest of this year and early next year, with a release late next year.”

She said receiving the funding has allowed her the time and energy to do the work required.

“It’s a constant battle of balance as an artist,” Ella explained, “balancing time to create, with making enough money so that you can fund the thing you create.”

“I went part time at my side hustle at La Boite about two months ago so that I would have the time to create more music and really focus in. The grant has opened up the opportunity to create quality work with world class musicians and producers,” she says.

We’ve just had a first taste of that album too, in the form of ‘Call Girl’ which was released this month. Produced in Byron Bay collaboratively with Vinnie LaDuce, the pair created a power-electro-pop slap on the check full of bold synths, beats and Ella’s powerhouse vocals.

“Everyone who I tell who is not from the Gold Coast cannot believe we have this grant,” Ella says.

“It’s incredible to see the other exciting things the City is doing with, and for other artists as well. It makes me feel very proud to call myself a Gold Coaster.”

“Also, knowing that the industry is willing to back my project is a huge motivator to keep creating work for friends, family and fans.”

Ella’s new album is due for release early in 2019 and she showcases at Australian Music Week, which runs 7 – 11 November in Cronulla.

You can listen to ‘Call Girl’ now via Spotify.


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