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One of a Kynd: Gold Coast app redefines care industry

Dominica Czaczka | July 2020

Finding the right carer can be an emotional rollercoaster; that’s why Kynd has stepped in to simplify the care sector and match like-minded individuals.

Kynd founder Michael Metcalfe knows all too well how frustrating the care sector can be. Metcalfe quickly learned how costly and limited care options can be, after his own personal experience with family members exposed the gaps within the system.  Determined to create a consumer-driven NDIS model, Metcalfe utilised his entrepreneurial flair to develop Kynd from his base in Burleigh Heads.

A digital solution for disability and NDIS support, the app aims to combat the challenges Australians with disability face by matching participants with the right care solution for their unique needs.  The innovative app tackles two key aspects; the cost and complexity of traditional care options and the lack of choice and customisation available on the market.

“It made so much sense that there was something we could solve here by getting the right people together; getting rid of all the waste, the complexity, cost and chaos in this space and actually creating something really modern, personalised and simple,” said Metcalfe.

Metcalfe said the pandemic has highlighted the need for businesses to remain adaptive and nimble in the wake of adversity. “With Covid-19, we basically learned that it’s now not even a choice to be a digital-first business,” explained Metcalfe.

When lockdown measures swept through the nation, the need for care options skyrocketed.

Capitalising on Kynd’s existing digital presence, the team rapidly launched additional services such as remote support via video and phone check in as well as indirect support for non-contact assistance such as delivering groceries.

“There are a lot of sad stories out there with people losing their jobs and businesses and a lot of pressure with various restrictions. But, there’s also massive opportunity. It’s these moments in history when you look back have been the greatest cause of change and disruption to take society forward.

“If we want the Gold Coast to be a digital-first and world-leading city, this is the perfect time for businesses here to look at what’s possible and start building that future,” he said.

Watch the full Kynd story below.

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