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Let’s get quizzical – from the comfort of your lounge room

Dominica Czaczka | April 2020

The days of a pint, a parmy and a round of brain teasers at your local watering hole may be on hiatus, but this Gold Coast based venue entertainment powerhouse has stepped in to fill the void.

A stalwart on the venue entertainment scene, Time Out Group has been providing clubs and pubs nationwide with interactive game shows, trivia and bingo for more than six years. The Gold Coast based business works with more than 75 venues across Australia, including Gold Coast favourites such as Parkwood Tavern, Surfers Paradise RSL, Topgolf, Hope Island Tavern to name a few. Their success came to a crashing halt when licensed venues across the country were ordered to shut in March due to the global Covid-19 crisis.

The impact to business was instant for the Gold Coast company. With their core clientele decimated, Time Out Group was left without business – effective immediately.

Queensland and Northern New South Wales State Manager Brad Allen said the initial 24 hours propelled Time Out Group’s owners approach the unprecedented situation with a ‘what can we do’ attitude.

“We knew there was nothing we could do physically in terms of getting into pubs and clubs because that outlet was taken away, so we looked at how we could still provide the service we’ve been providing for so many years to so many venues and regulars,” he said.

“We knew those people would be hurting because they would be stuck at home without an outlet for entertainment for keeping their minds active and the like, so our bosses were very proactive and reached out to partners that have helped us in the past to get our quizzes up and running to see what we could do to get it online.

“Over the course of the first two weeks of lockdown, we managed to do some trials and iron out the bugs, ready to launch. We’re now in our third week of doing quizzes online and last week we were getting between 700 to 800 teams participating each night,” says Allen.

The premise of playing is simple; trivia enthusiasts are encourage to join Time Out Group’s Online Venue Entertainment Facebook group. Within the group, players will find helpful videos and instructions on how to join in on the action and test their wit against quizmasters across the nation. Live videos are hosted on YouTube, with players able to use their smartphones as interactive buzzers via a dedicated web portal. There are three dedicated game show nights each week; Wednesday and Thursday night at 7pm AEST and Friday night at 9pm AEST. Themed nights will soon be added to the mix.

The best part? It’s won’t cost you a cent to play.

“It’s free of charge; we’re not making any money out of this whatsoever. We’re doing it out of the goodness of our hearts and we’re all donating our time to get this running because we realised how important it is for mental health to stay connected and minds active,” explained Allen.

“We know how hard it can be being isolated from friends and family. It’s a chance to stay connected. Users can get on the end of a buzzer and have a friendly competition against people around the country and chat about it afterwards,” said Allen.

So what are you waiting for? Rally the household and get ready to bring a battle of the brains into the comfort of your lounge room. And when this is all over, make sure to head back to your local and show your support with a schooner and a round of trivia.

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