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Chinese Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year Celebrations

Kate Veling | January 2020

It’s the social event of the new year! Gold Coast Chinatown is set to come alive again with a vibrant melting pot of colour, cuisine, celebration and cultural entertainment to mark the beginning of the Lunar New Year.

This family friendly event delivers a tempting combination of Asian street food markets, superb local restaurants, live music and cultural entertainment, children’s activities, an outdoor movie screening and pop-up lane way bar. The entertainment line-up includes Chinese fan dancers, Indian Bollywood dancers, Vietnamese dancers, ninja fire shows and of course, traditional lion dancers.

This is the sixth annual Gold Coast Lunar New Year celebration with the 2019 event attracting more than 17,000 visitors.

Local resident, Nicolle Archer, has a tradition of attending the event with her family. She’s been a regular at Chinese New Year since she was a child living in other cities and loves that she can now take her family to celebrations in their own backyard.

“The atmosphere is always vibrant and friendly and there’s a definite sense of cleaning the slate of the old year and opening up for the new,” she says. “It celebrates our place in Australasia through long held traditions, highlighting our geographical location and our diverse demographics in a really fun way.”

Alongside the colour, music and cultural performances Nicolle sites the Asian-infused food on offer as a major draw card.

“There’s a myriad of delicious flavours to sample. We’ve always gotten a real kick out of trying new dishes like crocodile, duck, salt and pepper tofu, braised meats – even fresh greens seem to take on a new appeal for the little kids!”

People of all nationalities, visitors and locals are all welcome to join the celebrations – it’s a great way to acknowledge and connect with our cultural diversity and create cross-cultural friendships within the Gold Coast community.

The city’s ties with China are strong – Gold Coast has two sister cities in China (Beihai and Chengdu) and Chinese citizens are the most significant source of international visitors here, responsible for as much as 23% of foreign visitor spending in the region.

A new addition in 2020 is the Comedy Corner, which will host a line-up of local and interstate Asian comedians, adding another layer to the busy program. Since laughter is the universal language, it seems like a fitting inclusion to such a joyful, multicultural event.

Gold Coast Chinatown (Young St and Davenport St, Southport) will host the annual Lunar New Year Celebration on Saturday 1 February from 4 – 9pm.

On Friday, January 31st, Davison Lane in Chinatown will play host to a Lunar Eve Laneway Party (4 – 8pm) as a teaser. This intimate event will feature a pop-up cocktail bar and live entertainment for those wishing to enjoy after work drinks, a Lunar party atmosphere and local authentic restaurants before Saturday’s main event.

2020 – The Year of The Rat

While it’s an animal that doesn’t have a great reputation in Western culture, in the East, the Rat is a symbol of prosperity and financial well-being. According to Chinese astrology, 2020 will be especially successful for starting a new business and progress or a promotion in your career. Year of the Rat is a year of renewal and brings new experiences with favourable outcomes. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the Rat does not like unjustified risk, so go slowly and consider each step.

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