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Zane and Omar, Maison de Sabré

Brothers grow multi-million-dollar leather goods brand on the Gold Coast

Charntel Cleveland | April 2019

Imagine some of our ever-present accessories becoming a personalised luxury.

That’s the essence of Gold Coast leather goods brand Maison de Sabré, and a key component of the brand’s success, according to business-owner brothers Omar and Zane Sabre.

“Our products are well designed, but there’s a purpose behind all we do,” says Omar, who designed the brand’s high-end phone cases, card holders and clutches.

Originally developed to help support Zane through dental school and their unwell father, the brothers created Maison de Sabré as a side hustle. In less than 18 months, the brand made a name for itself worldwide.

Today, Maison de Sabré sells to more than 100 countries, with 85% of the brand’s sales from overseas buyers.

International traction for the boys came six months after launching, during the 2017 Christmas shopping season, with the brand now approaching $10 million in sales to date.

“We started getting orders from celebrities and families from the UK and the Middle East,” Omar says. “We thought if our products are good enough for international celebrities, we were onto something amazing.”

“This was all completely organic marketing for the first few months,” Zane says. “People simply found us via Instagram and we began to grow.”

Zane has now completed his degree and joined his brother, who also studied dentistry, to work fulltime at Maison de Sabré.

“Omar stopped practicing dentistry last year to focus solely on the business,” Zane says. “I love dentistry and will eventually work as a dentist too, but I have so much passion for business.”

A vision with purpose

Omar and Zane had a clear vision for their brand from the get-go.

Inspired by the luxury fashion houses of Paris and visionary designers such as Tom Ford, the brothers set out to produce an outstanding yet practical product.

“We set out to turn a product that everyone has, into a personal piece that promotes self-expression in a luxurious way,” Omar explains.

The result was luxury leather monogrammed phone cases, clutches and card holders with enviable design features.

“We try to make things bi-functional and ensure the branding is evident,” Omar says. “The monogramming also allows people a personal connection to the items.”

The brothers have even added a personal touch to the branded packaging, providing customers a “unboxing” experience and a handwritten thankyou that comes with every order.

“Our success also comes from taking the time to really understand our customers,” Zane says. “It’s easier to sell to your demographic when you are the demographic.”

Gold Coast a top spot to do business

When Zane and Omar were deciding on where to base their business, they considered places such as Melbourne and Brisbane before settling on the Gold Coast.

“There are plenty of other high-quality and high-volume e-commerce companies here,” Omar says. “The Gold Coast is a really neat place to do business. The lifestyle keeps you sane. The weather’s great, the traffic is manageable and it’s easier to clear your head here.”

Young team helps drive success

Working out of premises at Molendinar, the 16-person Maison de Sabré team is a huge part of the brand’s success.

“Everyone has really pitched in to propel us where we are now,” Zane says. “Our team is full of millennials, which has contributed to our targeted marketing and growth.”

While many modern corporate jobs don’t provide young people with opportunities, the culture is different at Maison de Sabré, as the team collectively innovate and design new products.

“Here, everyone is responsible for their own domain and everyone contributes ideas and fresh concepts,” Omar says.

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