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Tim Baker will be hitting the waves this New Year's day

Tim Baker, surf journalist and best-selling author

We ask the Gold Coast: How will you spend the first day of 2020?

Natalie O’Driscoll | December 2019

It’s that time again, when we prepare to say goodbye to the old year and all if its highs and lows. After we’ve stuffed our faces full of delicious Gold Coast prawns, our great aunt’s famous pavlova and caught up on all of that beach reading we’ve been meaning to get to, we reach the point where we think about our 2020 and how we want it to look.

They say we should start the year as we mean it to go on, so we thought we’d ask a whole bunch of Gold Coasters exactly what their plans were for the first day of 2020.

105.7 Radio Metro beach and surf reporter

When I’m on the Gold Coast for New Year’s Day, the first thing I do is go for the first surf at dawn. Then it is time for a coffee and I file my Instagram and radio surf reports – and if the surf is good, I go get some more salt water therapy and then enjoy the day.

Singer, songwriter, performer

In 2020 I’m focusing solely on music – so the first day of 2020 for me will be spent in the studio song writing and preparing for a jam-packed year full of performances. I’m rarely drinking because I’m much more focused when I don’t. So unlike previous years, when the first day of the year may have been written off as the day after the night before, I plan to get up early, start the day right with gym or a big walk on the beach and a big healthy breakfast and then sink into creativity.

Surf journalist and best-selling author

I worked out a while ago that I’d rather watch the sun set on the old year and the sun rise on the new year than stay up for the midnight count down. So New Year’s for me is usually a smallish gathering with a few family and friends, on our front porch atop Tugun Hill. A few drinks, something yummy to eat, spinning some classic vinyl on the turntable.

It’s a fairly early night and then an early rise to try and make the most of the first waves of the New Year with our teenage boy before the crowds descends. Then probably a lazy brunch, reading that book I got for Christmas, reflecting on the joys and challenges of the year past and the hopes and plans for the year ahead.

New Year’s has special significance for me now as someone living with cancer, as it means surviving another year, defying medical prognoses and maintaining good health and cherishing getting to see our kids grow up and all the mad glorious chaos of family life.

Channel 7 presenter

We wake up on the first day of the year and as a family go down the beach and jump the first three waves to pass our feet and set an intention for the year. Something I was taught to do by a Brazilian friend, and a little tradition I’ve carried on. Then it will hopefully be a morning of surfing and sand castle building, before I head home and get ready to travel up to Brisbane for the live New Year’s Day Lotto Draw that evening!

Executive Chef, Gold Coast Sheraton

As a diehard beach lover, my first day of 2020 would be spent perched by the ocean soaking up the Gold Coast sunshine – accompanied with some great food no doubt!

Founder & Director, Aerial Angels and Owner & Producer, Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub

I will be enjoying the day with my children and I suspect a little headache as I will be attending my venue The Pink Flamingo’s very first NYE event! Having three 12 year-olds (yes, triplets) they like to get out and about, so we will be enjoying our home suburb Burleigh with a picnic on the hill and a swim at the point – heaven!

General Manager, RACV Royal Pines Resort

1 January 2020 I will be on the beach with my wife and our kelpie, Zulu. Our three (adult) boys will be away so we will resume the delights of empty nesting. Timing for the walk depends on the previous night, so it’s flexible. The tradition is a long walk and then a lazy brunch with friends followed by a very relaxed afternoon and night – resting up preparing for another busy year!

91.7 ABC Gold Coast Radio presenter

On New Year’s day we’ll wake up, smash a coffee, pick at some ham, walk the dogs at Palmy, follow that with a swim, come home, pick at some ham, then Samantha and will pinch a nap under a fan while our daughters play Uno.

My nap will be interrupted by the thought the Sydney Test Match is on, I’ll turn on the telly, and curse when I realise it doesn’t start until 3 January. Disappointed, I’ll pick at some ham, ponder the possibility of an afternoon 18 holes at The Glades, bin that idea because it’s too hot, head back to Palmy with the family and the dogs, have a swim, come home, and pick at some ham in front of the Big Bash hosted on the Gold Coast.

92.5 Triple M Radio presenter

My Dad always says the first day of the year should be awesome which sets up to have a good year! So up early for beach swims, a surf, a picnic and hang outs with our pooches.

How will you start your 2020, Gold Coast?

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