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OrderLocally brings marketplace offering to Gold Coast businesses

Dominica Czaczka | June 2020

When widespread hospitality closures saw Brad Legassick’s inventory control business lose all its clients in a day, he couldn’t stand by and do nothing. Instead, he leveraged his knowledge and connections within the Gold Coast hospitality scene to launch a business marketplace to support local operators.

Enter OrderLocally. The platform aims to assist any business within the food sector to continue serving their customers via an online marketplace system. Each business is provided with a unique store upon signup, with menus and items on display. Venues then take over the management of the menu and orders for their store. Sign up is free, with a competitive five per cent commission charged on any products that are sold through the website – if they don’t sell, sellers don’t pay.

The concept was born from Legassick’s determination and desire to support local businesses.

“As restrictions got stricter and stricter; from the Friday to the Monday, everything had effectively shut down. Our business just closed. We’re so interrelated; if there’s no hospitality, there’s no use for our inventory consulting,” explained Legassick.

“I’m a doer, I can’t sit still. The thought of sitting back and waiting for venues to reopen didn’t sit well with me.

“We had to come up with a way of staying relevant to our existing customer base and try to help them, as well as helping other people in the industry who were suffering the same kind of fate.

“I reached out to my networks and discovered a platform that could offer these venues an opportunity to continue selling to their customer base online. Our differentiating factor is our close ties to these businesses and our desire to promote local businesses.

“We haven’t simply built an ordering platform; we are creating a community focused environment which can help drive business to the hospitality venues.”

Brad Legassick

Legassick said OrderLocally was an ideal fit for the community orientated spirit of Gold Coasters.

“There’s been a massive shift to supporting local and thinking local. I think the previous trend with globalisation has been overshadowed by localisation.

“There’s a small town mentality of the Gold Coast and I don’t mean that in a bad way.

“People look out for each other here. People want to help each other and roll their sleeves up and assist. The feeling on the Gold Coast compared to a big city is definitely one of rallying around one another.

“When I moved here people were like oh you’re moving to the Gold Coast? Why not Melbourne or Sydney or one of those places? The Gold Coast is lovely; I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to live here.

“I have cousins in Geelong and they were surprised that I moved here as a choice. I asked them when the last time they came here was and it was 20 odd years ago. I tell them they need to see what we have here; the Gold Coast is a modern city, a growing city and it’s still small enough to have a sense of community,” he said.

While Gold Coasters are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, Legassick predicts OrderLocally will remain a helpful platform for businesses to supplement their income until life returns back to normal.

“As and when hospitality restrictions are lifted, takeaway will still be a big part of a venue’s business due to the social distancing requirements.

“We are encouraging all food service businesses to register and create their virtual stores. One thing that is certain is the way we did business pre-Covid-19 will not be the same way we do business post-Covid-19.“OrderLocally is a win-win for everyone; customers get easy, convenient access to lots of different restaurants and food service providers all in one place. They get to continue enjoying high quality food from home. The local businesses receive much needed additional sales to keep local staff employed and make sure they come out ready for business on the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This makes it easy and affordable for the shops while also making it easier for the community to support local,” said Legassick.

The OrderLocally app is available for download via the app store or google play. To visit the website, head to orderlocally.com.au.

Restaurant, cafes or shops interested in joining the OrderLocally movement are encouraged to get in touch with Brad Legassick via the website.

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