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Shock Therapy Productions

Shock Therapy scores cash injection

Samantha Morris | January 2019

Shock Therapy Productions is a Gold Coast arts company founded in 2015 by Sam Foster and Hayden Jones. Quickly establishing itself as a leading company delivering multidisciplinary performance.

Shock Therapy’s vision is to create provocative arts experiences through telling stories that explore what it is to be human.

The company was recently announced as one of nine Gold Coast organisations set to receive an annual grant from Council every year for the next three years.

The Triennial Grants Program will see $1.8 million invested in arts and culture organisations from now until 2021.

Sam Foster says as a result of the grant, the next three years will see the company reach new heights.

“This funding will not only contribute to our operating costs as a company, but it will allow us to seek additional producing support which we need to help sell and export our existing productions, while helping to sustain us as we continue to develop new works,” he says.

Like many arts organisations, Shock Therapy Productions values the certainty of triennial funding, particularly given their goal to become more fully established and reputable – both nationally and internationally.

Sam said the grant will have a “huge” impact.

“The arts is typically a very uncertain landscape to operate in so it can be very challenging for many small to medium organisations to be sustainable,” he told We Are Gold Coast.

“Because of this many organisations spend more of their time writing grant applications and seeking funding than actually creating art. This funding gives us a level of certainty so that we can put our focus and energy into the task of creating art and taking it to the people.”

Sam says the creative community involved in arts and culture here on the Gold Coast have come a long way over the past three years – more than people realise and give credit for.

“There are now a number of internationally recognised artists living and working on the Gold Coast and the quality of the work being produced here is really high,” he says.

“So in that sense, I think if the creative community of the Gold Coast continue to be supported; by council (as they are through initiatives like this and the recent funding announced by HOTA) and by the local community, they will naturally continue to grow and thrive.”

“I think the big challenge is visibility. This funding will help the whole sector become more visible on the Coast. I see so much potential for the city and I think we will see a future where arts and culture will be at the centre of the Gold Coast’s identity, not sitting on periphery as it may have been in the past.”

“I think it shows great vision by the City to continue to invest in the arts and culture of the Gold Coast as this is something that clearly benefits all of us.”

“Arts and culture make our communities richer, happier and healthier so it’s great that the City has put its money where its mouth is so to speak.”

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