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13 ways to stay healthy

Active & Healthy | March 2020

Feeling a little anxious with everything going on?  Now is the time to take a deep breath and put your health first.

It’s very easy to get anxious and stressed with our current circumstances. Although this time is challenging, it’s vital to stay positive and stay active. Whether it’s yoga in your living room or meditation before bed, do what you can and get a routine going.

Your brain will thank you later and appreciate the positive and healthy practices. After all, neurons that fire together also wire together. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. Below are 13 ways you can remain active and stay well will change with the help of some great apps and online services.

Please stay well and look after each other. Times like these can bring out our best and help us grow stronger.

1. Centre by Chris Hemsworth offers at home fitness workouts online and on your phone. And it’s free for 6 weeks.

2. Fitness Blender offers hundreds of online workshops for every level and it’s free.

3. Short on time? Johnson & Johnson offer an intense 7-minute workout app you can try for free.

4. Join the Nike Training Club for free and take advantage of their guided workouts. A great choice for runners who want to strength train too.

5. Mee Active is a great online program to get you moving for only $5 a week.

6. Take advantage of unlimited classes and home and workouts with Pilates and Co for only $20 a week.

7. Form Fitness Pilates is also offering unlimited home workouts and pilates classes for only $10 a week.

8. If you’re a senior and want something completely tailored to you, Mee Active also offers 4 virtual live classes each week.

9. Check out Amber Hawkens free podcasts on mindfulness and more for your well being.

10. Feeling anxious? Check out Calm online or the app for free sleep, meditation and relaxation tips.

11. Smiling Mind is also a great and free online app developed by psychologists to help you improve your mindfulness and well being.

12. Having trouble sleeping? Simple Habit can also provide you with great tips on meditation, sleep and mindfulness.

13. Not feeling well? Check out Alethea Mills Nutrition for free advice on immune support, stress and anxiety.

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