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Swap screen time for green time with the Nature Passport

September 2018

The Gold Coast is one of the most biodiverse cities in Australia with so many unique places to explore.

So, here at We Are Gold Coast, we’re encouraging families to swap screen time for green time and discover some of these wonderful outdoor places, right on our doorstep.

We’re sharing a few of our favourite missions from the Gold Coast Nature Passport; a passport that challenges children to get outside, get creative and complete ‘green’ missions.

The best part is that it’s free, designed for young families and supports long-term development and learning. Everybody is a winner!

Apple Tree Park, Springbrook – GC Mission: Valley of the giants

Over 100 years ago you would be standing in a forest of giant trees.

Some of the stumps are still here. How many can you find?

Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area – GC Mission: Hide ‘n’ seek koalas

Koalas are tricky to spot. Can you find one?

Tip: Look for trees with scratches on them, or jelly bean-sized poos around the base of a gum tree.

Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens – GC Mission: Sensory explosion

You will need your senses of smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing for this mission. Explore the Sensory Garden and the Butterfly Garden. What did your senses find?

Broadwater Parklands, Southport – GC Mission: Nature detective

Plants and trees help clean the water.

Investigate how this happens in the educational centre and record one fact in your passport.

Burleigh Head National Park – GC Mission: Search for the giant’s fingers

The traditional name for Burleigh Headland is Jellurgal. From the headland’s highest point, long pencil shaped rocks can be seen sticking out towards the ocean. The Kombumerri legend says that these rocks are the fingers of the giant Jabereen, Jellurgal’s creator. Can you find the giant’s fingers?

Tarrabora to Beree Badalla Mangroves – GC Mission: Mangrove wonders

These trees have special roots that help them breath. WOW! Can you see them sticking out of the sand? These roots create a home for heaps of different animals. What animals can you spot?

Ready to explore more missions?

You can sign up to Nature Play Mission Headquarters, pick-up a copy from your local library or download the FREE Nature Passport app on Android and App Store.

Passports include mission pages, stickers and suggestions on great places to go and things to do outdoors and a list of 15 things every child should do before they’re 12.

About the Gold Coast Nature Passport

Did you know that ‘nature play’ promotes health benefits, including cognitive, social and emotional development, and it builds resilience and creativity in our children?

It is for this reason that Nature Play Queensland exists, and why the City of Gold Coast has partnered up to develop the Gold Coast Nature Passport.

The Passport makes getting outdoors and into nature as easy as possible, increasing the time that families spend in unstructured play.

It also provides an opportunity for people to discover the amazing biodiversity on the Gold Coast.

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