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The Merrymaker Sisters

The Merrymaker Sisters are skyrocketing to success

Emily Toxward

The Merrymaker Sisters move their merriment to the Gold Coast

Their smiles are infectious, their enthusiasm is contagious and in exciting news for Gold Coasters, The Merrymaker Sisters now call Broadbeach home.

Emma, 28, and Carla Papas, 25, say when they visited last year they knew the laid-back lifestyle of the Gold Coast was more their scene than a fast-paced city such as Sydney. Born and bred in Canberra, the sisters admit they’re already madly in love with the GC and ‘the good vibes that are everywhere’.

“We love the city, but we love relaxed beachside, and the Gold Coast has the best of both.

“Plus the entrepreneurial scene on the Gold Coast is booming at the moment and we want to get amongst it,” Emma says.

“It’s definitely grown a lot since the 1990s and the foodie scene is amazing. There are so many places to try and they seem to just be popping up every week.

“We love that everyone is out and about, soaking up the sun and being active and social!

“We have definitely noticed heaps of cafes and restaurants that cater for healthy choices, which is just awesome.”

The Merrymaker Sisters started their journey in February 2013 after they developed an unhealthy obsession with fad diet, quick fixes and negative body image. In a bid to create a healthy, happy and more magic filled world, they discovered that real food was the answer and set about creating an online business to help people across the globe live better lives by providing them with meal plans, recipes and support.

Within a few short years the girls have skyrocketed to success and as well as their blog and other online projects they have self-published a book, started a podcast, #MerryBiz and have just recently scored a publishing deal with their dream publisher Hay House.

“We’re all about health, happiness, fun and less stress EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And the Gold Coast is just that, it’s perfect.”

“2016 is another big year for us, we are heads down in writing mode at the moment but are so excited and cannot wait to bring our book to life,” says Carla.

“Also, in May we’re opening the doors to our Merrymaker Club which is an online membership which gives access to healthy, real food meal plans and recipes, training guides, expert sessions, accountability and a supportive online community. It’s going to be amazing.”

With an immeasurable zest for life it’s little wonder the Merrymakers are smashing every goal they set for themselves. In fact, Emma says they’ve always set big goals for themselves and always kept them in the back of their minds when doing anything.

“We support each other but we also surround ourselves with other bosses doing epic stuff. Seeing other people succeed motivates us to keep going and striving for more.

“Being sisters makes it easier to run a business because you always have someone who understands you. We can be ourselves 100 per cent and there is no beating around the bush, we say it how it is,” Emma says.

“The goal is for our reader to visit our website and leave feeling, amazing and empowered to take action toward a healthier, happier life.

7 fast facts about The Merrymaker Sisters

  • Both had their first job at the age of 13 in a sandwich shop. In the same sandwich shop! 
  • The girls used to work in the communications industry.
  • They have an older brother, Anthony who is 32, and their parents are their biggest fans.
  • Emma was super shy until year 11 when she stopped worrying about what others thought.
  • Carla was the teacher’s pet, took on extra homework and was bullied at school.
  • The siblings recently gave up a strict paleo diet to pursue a Merrymaker Lifestyle.
  • 150,000 people read their blog every month and they have 61k Instagram followers.
  • Their favourite Gold Coast brekkie/lunch spots are Caffe Republic, BSKT and Cardamom Pod.

“We say that now is the best time to start any business because of the online world. To succeed, you need to be an action taker and you have to learn new things every day and be prepared to have lots of just-do-it moments,” says Carla.

“It’s fast-paced, forever changing and ridiculously exciting. We think if you combine your passion with your business along with the online world then that’s the perfect combo.

“Some other key attributes that will make you stand out are enthusiasm, confidence, consistency, integrity and authenticity. You gotta be YOU.”

The Merrymakers Sister’s top three places to have dinner

1. Etsu – in Mermaid Beach.

2. Hellenika – in Nobby Beach.

3. Bonita Bonita – also in Mermaid Beach.

Just one more thing, if there are any investors out there who want to help set up a Merrymaker Café on the Gold Coast, well Emma and Carla say they are all ears.

We wouldn’t want to run it but if we had an investor come our way who said they’d take care of everything and all we needed to do was develop a menu and supply a kick-ass brand and epic content marketing – well we just think that’s a mighty fine business opportunity. Any takers?” 

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