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Thirsty for change – why you should ditch plastic water bottles for good

The Weekend Edition | February 2018

If there were certain places that served FREE and perfectly edible cheeseburgers every single day, would you go up the road and pay for one? No. Well, newsflash – that’s pretty much what we’re doing with bottled water.

Australians spend more than $680 million each year on bottled water when they actually don’t have to. Well, it gets even more crazy when you picture how many individual bottles that equates to… and where those bottles actually end up.

Look, we get it. We’re a time-poor society and while bottled water isn’t cheap, it’s got one thing going for it – convenience. Well, City of Gold Coast is combating the excuse that bottled water is ‘convenient’ by rolling out a heap of new water-refill stations across the Gold Coast. By the end of February, 14 permanent refill points will be installed in prominent public spaces from Rainbow Bay to Coomera. These fancy water stations each feature bubblers (for a swig on the go) and two bottle-filling nozzles to top up your own glass bottles, water flasks, hipster mason jars – whatever you’re into – with high-quality water.

So, why should we all care? Well, not only is bottled water an utter waste of our hard-earned money, choosing tap water and accessing these refill stations for a free refill when you’re out and about is just flat-out environmentally responsible. City of Gold Coast tells us that the most littered item in Gold Coast waterways is plastic bottles – it’s pretty confronting. Plus, what doesn’t end up in our beautiful waterways will just make its way to landfill, which is an entirely different kettle of fish. If you’re keen to make the switch, then jump online for the facts, figures and where you can find these new water stations. You’ll be doing your bit for the planet and be able to save money for the important things in life like ordering a side of avocado with your poached eggs … because you’re a responsible adult.

This article was originally published on The Weekend Edition as Thirsty for change – why you should be a responsible adult and ditch plastic water bottles for good.

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