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Gold Coast Music Awards

Triennial grant helps Gold Coast Music Awards hit the high notes

Samantha Morris | March 2019

The Gold Coast Music Awards first launched here in 2015 and has grown enormously since. From a warehouse in the back blocks of Burleigh, the event now sees the Esplanade closed for a mini-festival and gala awards ceremony right on the beach at Surfers Paradise.

The brainchild of the team behind Blank GC, the Gold Coast Music Awards has had a massive impact on the local music scene and now organisers are taking a step back, so that they can take a look inwards.

With the help of a triennial grant from City of Gold Coast, Gold Coast Music Awards will review and strengthen its business model as it also expands its impact into sector development and capacity building for local musicians and related businesses.

“We aim to grow the Gold Coast Music Awards into much more than just the awards event,” Director Chloe Popa told We Are Gold Coast.

“We’d like to see the Gold Coast music sector continue to grow and thrive, so we’re hoping to grow our role in marketing local music successes and delivering training and resources where they’re needed most.”

“The triennial funding offered the perfect opportunity for us to seek support to help us achieve this goal.”

Chloe said the organisation’s governance will be the first focus for grant funding.

“We’re updating the organisation’s vision and mission to be more sector-driven,” she said. “And with that comes the potential to move the Gold Coast Music Awards to a not-for-profit model.”

Chloe said the Triennial Grant will help the organisation consult with the music community throughout the process to ensure that the needs of the sector are being met.

Gold Coast Music Awards is one of nine Gold Coast arts organisations to share in $1.8 million in funding over the next three years, as part of a program called the Arts Organisations Triennial Grants Program. Its aim is to support the continued growth of the sector, building capacity for those groups to deliver high-quality cultural products for the community.

And like those other organisations, Chloe says the funding certainty of having a cash injection for the next three years is a big win.

“The Gold Coast is really making a name for itself right now as a destination for exciting and new cultural experiences,” she said.

“This is the perfect time for the City of Gold Coast to nurture that momentum by committing significant and on-going funding to support arts organisations, many of which usually rely on uncertain year to year funds.”

“We’ve worked hard to build the awards to a significant event for the local music industry and have done this through significant investment from Gold Coast businesses, including our own,” she said.

“Knowing that we have a committed amount of funding to support the basic running of the organisation over the next few years will really help us to concentrate on continuing to grow these partnerships and enable us to direct more investment into the music industry,” Chloe explained.

Nominations for the 2019 Gold Coast Music Awards closed 27 February and winners are announced at a gala awards ceremony on the beach at Surfers Paradise on Thursday 2 May. Get more at Gold Coast Music Awards.

Disclaimer: the author, Samantha Morris is a director of the Gold Coast Music Awards.

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