HOTA, Jorge Ben Jor, Out Loud Festival

Out Loud Festival

HOTA | March 2020

We want you to dance, laugh and sing out loud at our brand-new festival of big ideas and fun.

Over 10 days in March, OUT LOUD is a celebration through art of our ever-changing world.

From big ideas and cutting-edge technology to family sing-a-longs and one huge party with Brazilian music royalty; the program brings together an eclectic line-up of Australian firsts and audience favourites.

OUT LOUD is about connecting people, art and ideas. With a line-up of international superstars, local luminaries and one-off experiences that you won’t see anywhere else, this is a festival where art and contemporary culture collides

Kicking off on Friday 6 March, we can’t wait to see two huge Brazilian superstars; the iconic Jorge Ben Jor and heralded breakout star Liniker e os Caramelows on our Outdoor Stage is an epic outdoor party of Samba, Jazz, Bossa Nova and Soul.

Thought provoking conversations with leading speakers make up the Talks & Ideas series. Over three nights the focus will be on topics of fate, artificial intelligence and climate change – a theme also explored in an installation by acclaimed visual artist Jason Phu and kids’ workshops.

Merging art and technology, ASMR Live! With WhispersRed, comes to Australia for the first time. Bringing a YouTube phenomenon into a live setting, audiences will be induced into a deeply-relaxed state, in a multi-sensory experience and also experience a more intimate workshop..

And a free, family film screening of The Greatest Showman, Sing-a-Long Experience is sure to be a crowd pleaser and great night out for the whole family.

To close the festival, the worlds of Asia POP and eGames combine for one supercharged day of fun at event Pop & Play. An all-access pass will allow the audiences to engage with e-games, take on a dance crew and enjoy a day of music, market stalls, workshops and food treats.

There’s so much to be explored at OUT LOUD, we’ll see you there.

OUT LOUD Festival takes place March 6 -15.

This article was originally published on HOTA, Home of the Arts as Out Loud Festival just announced.

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