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WOTSO WorkSpace – Flexible space abuzz with local talent

Emily Toxward | December 2014

A unique collaborative work space at Varsity Lakes is humming with some of the Gold Coast’s most creative and successful minds.

WOTSO WorkSpace provides private offices, group spaces and meeting rooms that can be used for as short as an hour or until a project is completed.

Brimming with talent and used by some of Australia’s top tech heads, WOTSO is transforming the way many Gold Coast locals work.

WorkSpace manager Gina Gimenez said WOTSO was popular because it offered an affordable way for start-ups, entrepreneurs and home-based businesses to be in a commercial and creative environment without having to take on costly and lengthy leases.

“You can stay for as little as a day, a week, a month or as long as you wish,” she said.

“We allow people to have control over their own business requirements so regardless of whether it’s a success or failure they aren’t trapped in an environment that no longer suits their needs.

“Having that kind of flexibility is the ultimate asset to any business.”

Co-founder of WP Curve Dan Norris said he previously worked at Silicon Lakes at Robina but when they decided to move to the WOTSO space he quickly followed.

Mr Norris said most days he came to the full-time office that he shared with Luke from Helloify, a business that offers live messaging for teams.

“I’ve been working for myself for a long time and after a while it gets a bit weird. Having something that resembles a real workplace is good for productivity and motivation. It also means I can meet people, help other people with their businesses and run ideas by others as well.”

The Gold Coast’s fantastic lifestyle is why Mr Norris lives and works here despite having an overseas company with mostly overseas customers.

“I’m not here to build the business as such but socially it helps to have something that is closer to a real job, rather than working from home all day every day. Plus being in the start-up space it’s good to know what others are doing and I’ve also met people here that I’m working on projects with.”

“It’s clearly the best co-working space on the Gold Coast – we have beer on tap in our office.” – Dan Norris

Having a flexible work space and ready access to a range of creative minds is why Sharon Hunneybell, founder of Startup Apprentice, loves WOTSO.

Startup Apprentice teaches entrepreneurship programs at high schools locally, nationally and internationally.

“As well as access to affordable small offices we’re surrounded by business people operating in the fields that we are, this gives us unparalleled access to some of the best creative minds in the Gold Coast,” Ms Hunneybell said.

“On top of this WOTSO is flexible with how we use the space meaning we’ve had training sessions here as well as our launch party, the team is very accommodating.”

Mrs Gimenez said other members included lawyers, architects, web designers, coders, uni students, travel agents, sales agents, media moguls and young entrepreneurs developing apps.

“We even have some inventors who may change the fields of expertise they work in as we know it – WOTSO is a very special place to be in,” she said.

“We have no prerequisite on what type of business you run, we look for community minded individuals who value the WorkSpace and what we’ve created.” – Gina Gimenez.

“Most people who use the space start out casually but soon find themselves drawn into the community we have created,” Mrs Gimenez said.

“Our members may all have their own businesses and their own jobs but every week we get together as one group on a Friday afternoon to relax and unwind.”

Mrs Gimenez said the future was bright for WOTSO with plans to expand the at-capacity site in order to continue to give small businesses on the Gold Coast a thriving hub of opportunity.

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