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The Gold Coast arts and culture scene is exploding with new talent, vibrant venues, a crammed calendar of exciting events and festivals and a supportive environment for the arts. Enjoy an eclectic mix of theatre, music, media, dance and visual arts at HOTA, Home of The Arts, with the spectacular out-door amphitheatre offering up an abundance of cultural highlights on the green, much of it free. Be dazzled as Placemakers Gold Coast delivers a smorgasbord of cultural treats across the city, including the annual flagship arts event, Bleach* the Gold Coast Festival. Marvel at world-renowned dance company the Farm’s innovative programming and gorge on multi-cultural street food, live music and cocktails at post-industrial arts precinct Miami Marketta.  Whether its international headliners, young stars on the rise, grass roots community festivals or major arts events, the Gold Coast arts scene is brimming with entrepreneurial, progressive energy and free-spirited creativity that caters to all tastes, with a uniquely Gold Coast edge.

HOTA, Home of the Arts

The Gold Coast’s HOTA, Home Of The Arts combines high culture with a quintessentially Gold Coast appeal, creating a vibrant cultural hub where art is for everyone and the unexpected dwells around every corner.

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Placemakers* Gold Coast is the city’s leading independent arts organisation. It creates transformational, culture-led experiences that challenge expectations, change perceptions and create a unique and authentic sense of place.

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Cultural Development

The City's Arts and Culture team is committed to delivering an exciting program of opportunities, including business and skills development across a range of art forms, supporting an ecology of cultural organisations and investing in our arts and cultural workers through funding programs.

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Whether its indie pop in converted industrial precincts, dance beats in beachside bars and clubs, opera on the beach or international headliners with a picnic and a rug at HOTA’s popular amphitheatre, the Gold Coast music scene is bursting with surprises and diverse offerings for every taste.

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Creative Leaders

Meet some of our inspiring creative leaders who are transforming the Gold Coast’s Arts & Culture landscape

Criena Gehrke

Chief Executive Officer of HOTA, Home of the Arts

Criena Gehrke has a diverse and eclectic background in arts management and a particular passion for the role of arts and culture in building strong and connected communities.

Samantha Morris

Blank GC, Gold Coast Music Awards

Samantha is the co-founder of Blank GC, the Gold Coast’s own street press, and the hugely popular Gold Coast Music Awards. Sam is an experienced writer and facilitator who has spent most of her career working in the regional land management sector before focusing on the arts.

Emma Milikins

Founder, Miami Marketta

From artist to photographer, jewellery designer to creator of studio spaces and creative hubs, Emma Milikins’ unlikely path is best summed up by her personal mantra, “create to live, live to create.”

Rosie Dennis

CEO & Artistic Director, Placemakers Gold Coast

After building a successful arts career in Sydney over the past 20 years, the last six as director and CEO of Urban Theatre Projects, Rosie is loving re-discovering the Gold Coast as CEO and artistic director of Bleach* the Gold Coast Festival and Placemakers Gold Coast.

Kate Harman and Gavin Webber

The Farm

The Farm arrived on the Gold Coast like a howling storm front, upsetting the status quo, rearranging the furniture, and leaving the atmosphere energised and refreshed in their wake.

Graham Ashton

Graham Ashton is the “go-to” guy for aspiring, Gold Coast contemporary musicians seeking guidance and mentorship as they navigate the music industry.

Marissa Bowden and Sarah Schoeller

The Village Markets

In 2008, Marissa Bowden and Sarah Schoeller found themselves made redundant from their corporate marketing jobs and decided to take a bold leap of faith to launch their own community events that celebrates local talent.

Rebecca Ross

The Walls Art Space

The Walls Art Space is a hidden gem tucked away in an industrial estate in Miami, founded in 2013 as a not-for-profit creative hub that showcases contemporary art and cultural events.


Rick Roser. Image credit: Maleika Halpin

History, Culture and Dreaming with Indigenous Gold Coast Artist, Rick Roser

Aboriginal artist, storyteller and educator, Rick Roser has traversed Australia and the globe with his work. Read more
Guns n Roses

Guns N’ Roses set to dominate the Gold Coast in 2021 with larger-than-life stadium show

Guns N' Roses made our collective rock'n'roll dreams come true with 2017's Not In This Lifetime tour and now Paul Dainty AM, President & CEO of TEG Dainty and Major Events Gold Coast are thrilled to announce one of the... Read more
Emily Hopley

The Sound of Change: Emily Hopley

Emily Hopley is an audio engineer and music producer who at 23, already has a wealth of experience under her belt. Read more

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