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The global Covid-19 crisis has disrupted a wide range of industries and professions. Home to a dynamic and resilient business community, the Gold Coast will rise to the challenge and approach this once in a lifetime event with its usual tenacity and creativity. From diversifying manufacturing, adapting day-to-day operations to implementing new approaches, Gold Coast businesses are innovating the way they operate to survive.

We are resilient. We are creative. We are reinventing ourselves.

Together we will overcome the challenges presented to us and come out stronger than ever.

It’s time to act now; embrace local, embrace Gold Coast. These are our stories.


As strict rules remain in place to keep participants safe, Gold Coast company Facial Systems has stepped in with their SportsBio Facial Recognition Attendance Program to ease the burden of tracking attendance records in a post-pandemic environment.

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Family-friendly Paradise Resort and upmarket Hilton may be worlds apart normally, but a Covid-19 slowdown saw the two resorts unite over a shared goal to make the most of a difficult situation and come back stronger than ever.

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Business Stories

Ugg Australia

Gold Coast businesses rising to the challenge through Covid-19

Covid-19 has had a devastating impact globally, with the Australian Federal Government introducing a raft of new measures in a bid to starve off the virus. Gold Coast businesses had to quickly come up with ways of how they would... Read more

One of a Kynd: Gold Coast app redefines care industry

Finding the right carer can be an emotional rollercoaster; that’s why Kynd has stepped in to simplify the care sector and match like-minded individuals. Read more
Coastal Dental Care

Strength of local communities will buoy post-pandemic recovery

Coastal Dental Care is no stranger to supporting their local communities. From providing grants and sponsoring grassroots sporting teams to educational visits at local schools and kindergartens, the prominent dental group is a strong advocate of fostering strong connections with... Read more

OrderLocally brings marketplace offering to Gold Coast businesses

When widespread hospitality closures saw Brad Legassick’s inventory control business lose all its clients in a day, he couldn’t stand by and do nothing. Instead, he leveraged his knowledge and connections within the Gold Coast hospitality scene to launch a... Read more

Wetsuits and Facemasks Go Hand in Glove

Stripping off wetsuits and slipping on a face mask: How COVID-19 has led to this Gold Coast company shaking up their entire business model. Read more
Hannah Watts, Ugg Since 1974

UGG Since 1974: Why it’s important more than ever to support local

In the backstreets of industrial Miami lies a workshop dedicated to crafting quality UGG boots. There are no conveyor belts or mass production lines; simply talented craftsmen tirelessly working away on one-of-a-kind leathers and the woolliest of Australian merino sheepskins. Read more
cafe, restaurant, Surfers Paradise

Business app to help friends now aims to support the entire Gold Coast

Marketing executive Troy Vandermeer had a plan to help a couple of friends trying to stay afloat amid the global shutdown, and now it looks like many more Gold Coast business could benefit. Read more
Image credit: Innovate Interiors

Colouring up a storm with Innovate Interiors

When lockdown hit Gold Coast homes, this Arundel business decided to pivot their business and look at how they could help Gold Coasters stay entertained at home. Read more
fine dining

Fine dining at home with takeaway tipples

We are all about the good news and sometimes we’re lucky enough to bring extra good news. Which is exactly what’s happening here. Read more
The Paddock Bakery

Paddock Bakery: Taking doughnuts and sourdough to go

From serving hordes of hungry locals to widespread hospitality closures : How this Miami hotspot pivoted their business to stay afloat during a global pandemic. Read more
Woodchoppers Inn, 1996

Meating the challenge: Mudgeeraba’s iconic Woodchoppers Inn has come up with an innovative way of surviving lockdown

How does a much-loved local pub and restaurant operate during social distancing and restrictions on public gatherings? Read more
Granddad Jack's Distillery

Granddad Jacks: From liquid gold(en spirits) to liquid sanitiser

Forget turning lemons into lemonade; this craft distillery had to trade their gin and tonic in for a bottle of sanitiser. Read more

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