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World Bi Polar Day Celebration

The event is to provide information to the Gold Coast Community in an effort to increase awareness and understanding of Bipolar Disorder whilst celebrating World Bipolar Day.

It is also our intention to make family friendly activities available for those who attend and for people to “come and try” a variety of activities that can be utilized by anyone wanting to improve and/or maintain good mental health.

These activities will include art therapy, yoga and access to a “Human Library” where people can ‘borrow’ someone who either lives with Bipolar or cares for someone with bipolar to have a chat and obtain information about living with and supporting people living with Bipolar in our Community. We will have information available for people about services that are available in the community and ways in which LHAC Inc. can support people to link in with services.

We aim to recognize and respect the initiative of Bipolar Australia by Blowing Bubbles for Bipolar, which gives everyone affected by the condition a fun and easy activity that can be used to celebrate the occasion with colleagues, friends, and family. Bipolar Australia chose bubbles because people with bipolar who become manic are often described as “bubbly” personalities, while watching the bubbles crash back down represents the depressive phase of the condition.

The recovery journey that people embark upon when they get help is symbolised by the rainbow that can be seen when a group blows enough bubbles together.

We will NOT be providing any advice in regard to diagnosis, medications or other clinical matters. LHAC Inc. is a peer operated non-profit health promotion charity and we will operate only within the scope of peer support.

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Broadwater Parklands
Broadwater Parklands
Southport, QLD 4215 Australia

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