Gold Coast - a city coming of age

What was once considered a coastal village has transformed into a emerging global centre. It is a city that embraces new industries, boasts a 'have-a-go' attitude and constantly goes above and beyond its potential. It is the Gold Coast and it was your host city for the 2018 Commonwealth Games - the largest event to hit the shores of Australia this decade. The event has boosted the Gold Coast onto the world stage, providing the city with a global audience to promote its evolution as a worldly city.

Why Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is transforming into a world class city dedicated to business growth, job creation and diversification. Boasting three world-class universities, a Health and Knowledge Precinct, a Cultural Precinct and an unparalleled natural environment, the Gold Coast is perfectly positioned as a destination for all major industries.

Healthcare products made locally, desired globally

Healthcare products made locally, desired globally Discover » Invest Articles

Australia’s Gold Coast has built a reputation for cutting edge research and innovation with locally manufactured health products sought after across the ...

The new Australian global sport hub

The new Australian global sport hub Discover » Business & Invest

As the Gold Coast continues to build on its unparalleled sport event hosting capabilities in the lead up to one of the largest multi-sport events in the world, it now has a firm grip on the title as Australia’s sporting capital...

30-year milestone for Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

30-year milestone for Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show Discover » Business & Invest

The Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show (May 24 -27) is cresting a new wave of growth as it celebrates its 30-year milestone, and the Gold Coast’s marine industry has weathered the ride on the way to new success.

Hundreds of locals inspired by Silicon Valley's finest

Hundreds of locals inspired by Silicon Valley's finest Discover » Business & Invest

The Gold Coast continues to shine on the world stage post Commonwealth Games, with the city’s inaugural Business Week attracting international attention and praise from Silicon Valley’s finest.

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The Gold Coast is a place of opportunity that, over the next decade, will transform into a globally-recognised city while retaining its enviable lifestyle and stunning natural environment. As host city for the Commonwealth Games in 2018, the Gold Coast is embracing transformative civic projects like never before. Major infrastructure projects are planned or underway that will change the face of the city in a way that is distinctly our own.

Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct

Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct

Asia-Pacific’s emerging health and innovation hub, the 200-hectare Gold Coast Health &amp...

Cultural Precinct

Cultural Precinct

The Gold Coast Cultural Precinct will bring the community together to engage with arts and culture, supporting the City of Gold Coast’s broader cultural economy and creative industries, and providing new employment and business opportunities.

Sport infrastructure

Sport infrastructure

Sporting teams from across the globe come to the Gold Coast to train and compete at its world-class high-performance training facilities...

Tourism infrastructure

Tourism infrastructure

The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s premier tourist destinations and one of fastest growing cities in Australia, offering a vibrant mix of shopping, accommodation, theme parks, restaurants, entertainment and an abundance of natural attractions...

Investment into the CBD

Investment into the CBD

The Gold Coast is working to revitalise the CBD as a dynamic and vibrant urban centre with more than $5 billion worth of public or private investment underway or recently completed. This investment is positioning the Gold Coast as a globally competitive business...

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