7 businesses at the forefront of innovation

Jane Saunders | January 2017

If companies want to stay ahead of the competition they have to innovate. Here are seven that are leading the way in innovation and taking risks with new initiatives designed to change industries…

Magnix Technologies Pty Ltd:

Leading energy innovator and Southport-based company Magnix Technologies is transforming the way we generate and use energy.

The company’s firm belief that the key to the future lies in doing more with less has driven its development of energy-efficient, power dense motors and generators for use across transport and commercial industries.

Achieving power densities, energy efficiencies and cost effectiveness unprecedented by conventional energy systems, Magnix’s unique Magniflux high power density technologies have the potential to revolutionise the global transport industry.

Magnix recently received $125,000 to build a prototype for a highly-efficient DC generator known as a Superconducting Homopolar Generator which will create high currents at low voltage with almost no generation losses, making it ideal for current-intensive processes such as hydrogen fuel production.

Original SIN:

The trend for tattoos is rising in Australia and so is the need to protect body art from its number one enemy: the sun.

Identifying a niche, a Gold Coast company developed Original SIN (Skin Ink and Nurture) a 50+ broad spectrum sun screen designed to protect expensive body art from damaging UV rays.

“Every year individuals invest thousands of dollars on tattoos expressing a story of love, loss, joy and hope – and like any art investment it should be protected,” says creator of Original SIN Dracy Woods.

When exposed to the sun, tattoos can begin to fade and blur. Some sunscreens also contain zinc which may provide protection from the sun but it can also harm the tattoo by accelerating fading.

Original SIN is a dry touch, non-greasy sunscreen that also nourishes the art to enhance the colours of the tattoo.

Tattoo enthusiasts are not the only ones falling in love with the product.

“Athletes also love it because it doesn’t sting the eyes or leave you with oily hands, it is vegan friendly so we have found a niche following there and because there’s no alcohol in our product a lot of girls use it as a makeup primer,” says Woods.


A team of dedicated nurses and doctors at the Gold Coast University Hospital have secured a place in the digital health revolution with the creation of an app to fast track patient care.

The OnCallogist app promises to make patient care more efficient by replacing the traditional pager system with a real time system that will significantly reduce clinician response time.

Lead developer of the app, Dr Justin Wong, realised there was a critical need for this type of technology after experiencing a busy ward shift at the Gold Coast hospital where clinicians’ valuable time was wasted by constant pager interruptions.

The traditional pager system relies upon a cumbersome and inefficient system of travelling across wards to check paper lists of requests. And in a hospital with 170,000 square metres of floor space, this meant that the average time taken to complete a pager request was 104 minutes.

OnCallogist provides clinicians with real-time information on patient requests, allowing them to prioritise requests for assistance based on the urgency of the request and their location.

The OnCallogist app identifies exactly where the doctor is needed and for what reason.

When the doctor receives the notification, they can advise how many minutes away they are from the required location. This not only provides the requesting nurse with confirmation that the job has been acknowledged, but also means that the patient can be reassured as to how close the doctor is to arriving.

The app also integrates seamlessly with ‘FaceTime’ technology, where the on-call clinician automatically receives a video call in the event of a request requiring immediate attention, such as a patient experiencing chest pain.

Use of the app has already recorded response times being reduced by more than 40 minutes.

Brauer Industries:

Founded in 2004, Brauer Industries is now recognised as an Australian leader in water and air purification systems.

Operating from its Nerang premises for more than 12 years the business has produced, patented and proven the effectiveness of their unique Ozone technologies across a large portfolio of products including filters, pumps, cleaners and odour control systems.

Brauer’s Ozone based technologies are designed to increase environmental responsibility and reduce dependence on chemicals for both commercial and residential application.

Through its affiliate company Ozone 1, Brauer has scaled and customised its industrial water sanitation systems, used at leading water attractions around Australia, to make ozone water purification available to all back yard pools in Australia with the potential to significantly reduce chlorine dependency and skin sensitivities.

Its Ozone Swim Pool Purification System is the only domestically available product combining Ozone and mineral/salt water chlorination to create hygienic odour free water.

The company is heavily invested in research and development to improve the standard of air and water treatment across the country

Brauer Industries was the 2016 winner of the City of Gold Coast Mayor Innovation Award.


iVvy is an online event management system that is disrupting the hospitality industry.

Developed by Gold Coaster Lauren Hall, iVvy offers event managers the world’s first real-time trading platform making it possible to search, compare, book and pay for function spaces, group accommodations and supplies in real time, securing all event aspects in one place at the same time.

The app has been described as the Wotif of the function space and has already collected several awards recognising its innovative approach to event management. Key to iVvy’s success is the fact that it is seriously scalable and already working with some of the largest hotel chains in the world.

Inspiration for the app came from Hall’s own experience in event management.

“The processes that I had to go through with my team in sourcing venues, sourcing suppliers, collating the data, going back to clients, and then securing it all was so frustrating,” says Hall, who took out the Gold Coast Women in Business award.

“On one occasion more than 50 per cent of the suppliers I had booked pulled out when it came to confirm the event booking”.

iVvy helps to organise every aspect of an event from building a website, to taking registrations and payments and printing name badges. It is cloud based so it can be accessed anywhere and on anything.

“There are no one-hit-wonders in technology, it takes years to build these things,” Hall says, having brought part of the IP over from South Africa, before rebuilding it in a more robust and highly scalable way locally on the Gold Coast.


Coomera company Glo-x is committed to making the world a brighter place through light recycling, which has led them to be dubbed a world leader in ‘powerless illumination’.

Founded in 2014 by Chris O’Neill and Dallyn Seale, the company has utilised the latest technologies to develop a range of unique, high quality, photoluminescent (glow in the dark) products that can be applied across various industries including emergency services and in power poor areas.

Glo-X products include photoluminescent lacquers, resins, resin concentrates, granulates, foils and an unbreakable, powerless light globe. All products are ideal for use in areas where power is not readily available, but illumination is required.

Prior to the launch of GloX, phosphorescent products were largely limited to the safety and toy industries with low night shining performance. In contrast, the highly luminous Glo-X products can shine for longer than eight hours.

Glo-X’s unique ability to integrate with product manufacturing processes can also increase the photoluminescence of other products making it possible for architects and designers to now incorporate designs that combine aesthetic appeal, safety and energy conservation.

Glo-X’s The Gift of Light unbreakable powerless light bulb also provides a sustainable lighting solution to third world areas where access to energy is limited or non-existent.

Milon Premium Health Club

The world’s smartest gym is now on the Gold Coast thanks to Amber Clark, Marcin Lazinski and Freddie Sheene.

Located at Marina Mirage, the hi-tech Milon Premium Health Club has replaced personal trainers with a sophisticated system of computerised personal smart cards.

The first of its kind in the southern hemisphere, the futuristic smart cards record users personal details and workout history which are inserted into gym equipment which upon reading the card automatically adjust to the set individual weight and workout settings. The smart cards keep track of strength, progress, cardio output and which parts of their body are training.

Lazinski first saw the Milon smart gyms in Poland and thought they would be ideal for the Gold Coast, especially when she considered that 80 per cent of the population has never done proper exercise training.

“You can’t really get it wrong with the smart card because you can’t forget what your weights were set at the last time you trained,” says Lazinski.

“It’s also ideal for time poor people. You’d be surprised how much time you save getting on a machine that already knows your body and training regime”.

The Milon strength and endurance circuit can be done in just over 17 minutes and works the whole body.

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