The CBD Team, in partnership with 40/40 Creative and business & property owners in Chinatown, recently delivered Phase 1 of the YOUtilised Laneways Program in Davison Lane, Southport.

The aim of the YOUtilised Laneways Program is to activate a series of underutilised laneways in the CBD to create safe and interesting environments for events and innovative cultural, entertainment and retail uses.

A series of five, artistically curated public art installations were delivered by internationally acclaimed artists including Sofles, John Kaye and Shida in Davison Lane, Southport as part of Phase 1. Phase 2 will focus on delivering public art installations in Regent Lane, Southport.

40/40 Creative collaborated with property & businesses owners and the City of Gold Coast to create a series of murals that depict a variety of Asian cultures and characters, relevant to the Gold Coast Chinatown community. The quality of these works has now generated interest from surrounding stakeholders to undertake similar art installations on private property in the CBD.

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