Why Southport?

Southport has the highest concentration of employment in the city, is the most populated centre in the city with a resident population of 28,315, has the largest share of office space (149,240m2), and has a workforce of 24,857 people - making it the perfect location for business growth.


Gold Coast Chinatown is an integral part of the revitalisation of Southport as an international CBD. It's a place for the Gold Coast to celebrate its diversity through culture, design, people and food.

Gold Coast Chinatown is one of Australia’s first modern Chinatowns, and is located in what has been dubbed the city's most culturally diverse centre - Southport.

Chinatown continues to evolve, offering authentic Asian experiences through an exciting mix of businesses including restaurants, small bars, karaoke, boutique retail, cultural festivals and celebration.

Open for business

Gold Coast CBD is open for business, and has the capacity and commitment to attracting foreign investment and facilitating development. Business and investment support incentives are available to eligible businesses from outside the city that are looking to invest or establish a business within Gold Coast CBD.

For further information contact the CBD Office