Economy Id. is an economic profiling tool that allows users to gain easy access to information about the Gold Coast economy and its working population. Based on a combination of Census, National Accounts, Journey to Work, ABS Business Register and other sources, profiles the economic role of the city, how it compares to other areas and how it is changing over time. provides data that describes the characteristics of the local economy, and give an understanding of the contribution each industry sector makes to our economy. The workforce data provides an understanding of the nature of employment in the local area. Together these elements highlight the links in our economy that can be used to develop future economic strategies.

Tourism Report

The Gold Coast Tourism Report, published bi-annually, provides a consistent collation and analysis of macro and micro tourism statistics and trends. See Resources for the latest reports.


Tourism Reports PDF Word
Gold Coast Tourism Report December 2015 pdf  
Gold Coast Tourism Report June 2015 pdf