Cycle and the city

Kylie Mitchell-Smith | February 2018

What better way to get to the heart of a place than on a bicycle, complete with wind in your hair and the sun gently shining on your face.

The Gold Coast’s natural environment and flat landscape makes it one of the most ideal places to ride a bike. With approximately 1000 kilometres of bike ways, it’s time to dust off your bike and pedal in to town. And with GC2018 fast approaching the city is about to double its population plus some, so I’m banking on it being the logical way to get around.

But for me the thrilling part about riding a bike is not just the destination, it’s the places in-between and the people you meet along the way. Getting out and about on two wheels and taking the time to slow it down is half the fun – and best of all, no air-conditioning is required.

It’s just so much fun, cruising from Miami along the shared path to Burleigh Headland to take in the breathtaking view of the Surfers Paradise skyline and beyond. With the big blue ocean as the backdrop and the golden beaches that adorn the coast, there’s an abundance of Instagram worthy snaps to take along the way.

Whether it’s a leisurely ride along Hedges Avenue, past the palatial beachside homes or a cruise to Broadbeach to immerse in the array of food offerings, there are lots of things to see and do when exploring by bike.

From the mecca of fun in Surfers Paradise, you can head north and take a left turn into Main Beach for an alfresco lunch, then pedal your way over to the Broadwater Parklands for that balmy afternoon dip. There simply is no better way to end a fun and active day.

But let’s face it, if you live away from the ocean and the many bike paths that adorn it, getting you and your bike to these locations can prove difficult. You can either ride on busy main roads, lug your bike in the back of your car or you can now opt for the new Mobike bike share service that has recently rolled out in some parts of the city.

Cycling is a great way to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of a place. But as times have changed, so have bikes. From the beachside cruisers, to the latest share bikes, which are both economic and environmental, but just as important they are easy to use. Smart bike schemes like Mobike, are fast becoming a trend around Australia and I get the sense it’s a sharing-caring type of thing, whilst quietly saving the planet one bike at a time.

So don your helmet, grab your bike (or a new share bike) and get out to explore this beautiful city.

Mobike Australia launched recently on the Gold Coast, for further information visit Mobike Gold Coast.

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