Industry overview

The Gold Coast’s appetite for healthy food, drinks and snacks is growing at a rapid pace, and local entrepreneurs and innovators are noticing the trend and capitalising on it. The food and beverage industry on the Gold Coast has evolved to have a real focus on specialised food for sports and health and wellness. Gold Coast companies such as Amazonia, Morlife and Pure Organic Meats are building a big name for themselves in this industry, both locally and internationally.

The Gold Coast's craft beer scene has also exploded on the Gold Coast with innovative breweries continually popping up across the city. Local business people and even world surfing champions are recognising the burgeoning craft beer market as a smart investment and they are reaping the rewards. While this trend towards home-grown breweries is sweeping the world, the Gold Coast is establishing a reputation as a leader in the sector, with local breweries and brewers picking up national and international awards.

Highlighting culinary excellence

Local and unique produce is a fundamental element to the Gold Coast’s thriving culinary sector; restaurateurs have access to a diverse range of produce all within a few hours drive of the city, further amplifying the Gold Coast’s culinary excellence.

Experts in export

The city’s reputation as a quality food and beverage producer continues to build as local manufacturers experience international success. These companies are able to manage future demand from key markets including Asia, with a growing number of leading Gold Coast food exporters attending the Food and Hotel Asia event each year. As the Gold Coast's international trade and investment ventures grow, the city continues to raise its global profile as an emerging business destination.

As part of a dedicated initiative, the City of Gold Coast supports the food industry with access to industry associations, specialist business development experts, suppliers of food and drink core ingredients, and preparation and packaging materials.

Investment Attraction Program

The Investment Attraction Program is designed to assist businesses to invest or set up a business on the Gold Coast. The Program incorporates a suite of services to facilitate investment or business relocation or expansion to the Gold Coast.


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