Global operations hub in the Yatala Enterprise Area

September 2014

Rapid growth in its global infrastructure business has led Global Road Technology (GRT) to open its new manufacturing hub in the Gold Coast’s Yatala Enterprise Area.

This new headquarters will service the demands of the company’s global infrastructure projects that the group is rolling out in countries such as Indonesia, Brazil, the United States and India, as well as ongoing work within Australia.

GRT’s Managing Director, Ben Skinner said that the selection of the new site was due to both the logistical and commercial considerations of the business.

“Global Road Technology’s new global hub will allow us to grow scale for our manufacturing operations while also providing us a centralised base for our logistical and commercial needs, to meet growing worldwide demand for our products and services,” said Mr Skinner.

“This site ticks all of the boxes for us by providing us the opportunity to boost production of our polymer dust suppression and road stabilisation material, while also giving us proximity to the Port of Brisbane for shipping purposes and space to fit our rapidly growing workforce.

As our operations now span South America, South East Asia, North America and India it became important for us to create a “global HQ” to meet the demand for our services from our international roster of clients and partners.”

Global Road Technology is providing industry and government solutions in Australia and internationally by working with major companies across the mining, agricultural, clean energy, oil and gas sectors with its cost effective and environmentally friendly road building technology.

Worldwide, the firm is working on a number of significant projects, one of which is its engagement within Brazil as the country prepares for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Their work in Brazil will see them working on road-building and other projects valued up to US$220 million as the nation seeks to address infrastructure shortfalls both preceding and following the Olympic Games.

According to Global Road Technology Chief Operating Officer Herman Allison, the firm is perfectly positioned to assist South America’s largest country meet its infrastructure needs.

“Currently the road networks around Brazil are congested and require immediate rebuilding, GRT’s polymer dust suppression and road stabilisation products provide a perfect solution as they can rebuild and repair existing networks – in a cost-effective and timely manner.”

While GRT is receiving most attention for their commercial success, the philosophy behind the company is what is truly defining them as an innovative, socially conscious global company.

Their Road Safety Initiative has been developed to address the rise in road traffic injuries, which based on World Health Organisation (WHO) projections will rise by 2030 to become the fifth leading cause of death (or 2.4 million fatalities) globally. This is an epidemic that is increasing in most regions worldwide due to a combination of factors, including inadequate transportation infrastructure, such as roads.

Global Road Technology have made it their business to work closely with leading health and social organisations as part of their contribution to lessen the impact of the global road safety epidemic.

Use of their instant road technology can provide communities in the developing world with newer and safer roads delivered in a cost effective and fast manner when compared to conventional infrastructure building methods – providing an affordable and reliable infrastructure option for remote and rural communities.

“Our ability to construct roads faster than conventional methods equates to us being able to develop in excess of a kilometre of road in 24 hours – making Global Road Technology products and methods particularly useful in remove areas and developing nations where it serves as a critical infrastructure bridge for isolated communities, said Mr Skinner.

“Critically we develop material that is adaptable to any climate and able to withstand the harshest conditions, while ensuring that our products have a minimal impact on the environment, factors that meet the needs of our clients.”

As part of their managed approach and long-term growth strategy GRT are undertaking a significant investment in research and development. This will see the firm develop leading edge, environmentally friendly polymer materials that are used worldwide in the application of their road stabilisation and dust control products.

GRT’s new head of research and development, Dr. Babak Abtahi is excited about leading the development of these new products at the Yatala facility and the investment the firm is making at their new manufacturing base as they seek to become a global leader in their field.

“Our Yatala facility will be at the heart of a significant investment into research and development which will bring about associated benefits for the Queensland economy,” he said.

“Our goal at Global Road Technology is to be recognised as the industry leader in the field of instant infrastructure and being on the forefront of soil stabilisation and dust suppression technology development – the Yatala facility will play a big part in helping us achieve this.”

For more information see the Yatala Enterprise Area page.

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