From Malaria to the deadly Strep A bacteria and the world’s largest critical mass in cancer glycomics, the Institute of Glycomics is the only facility of its kind in Australia and one of only six in the world tackling diseases of global impact at the new frontier of biomedical research – cracking the ‘carbohydrate code’ and the crucial role carbohydrates play in diseases.

Preventative and Integrated Health

Leading the way in preventative health, researchers at Griffith University’s Menzies Health Institute Queensland, together with their clinical colleagues at Gold Coast Health, are at the forefront of helping people live and age well – investigating the genetic basis of disease, supporting healthy childhood development, tackling chronic conditions, personalising medicine and researching and implementing ground-breaking allied health innovations for exercise and nutrition and more effective and economical health and aged care. Digital health is a major focus for the future.

Advanced Design and Prototyping Technologies (ADaPT)

New design, new materials and big data converge at the cutting edge of innovation to engineer next-generation biomedical and industrial applications. Combining micro and nano science, with big data and analytics and the latest in 3D printing technology, the GCHKP leads in advanced design and prototyping.

  • Additive manufacturing and high-tech new materials are changing the face of medicine and industry with the promise of personalised medical devices and implants and rapid prototyping and product development, and the GCHKP is positioned at the cutting-edge of this innovation.
  • Underpinned by micro and nano science, digital technology and the use of big data and analytics, including leading-edge medical imaging, engineers, biomedical scientists and clinicians are collaborating to push new boundaries in 3D printing.
  • The Precinct’s Advanced Design and Prototyping facility (ADaPT) will be a state-of-the-art collaborative centre boasting a new 3D metal printer with titanium capabilities (medical grade) from late 2017, bringing together researchers, clinicians and industry to maximise the commercial and health outcomes at the forefront of innovation.

Health and Medical Training Hub

Home to Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus catering to almost 20,000 students alongside the Gold Coast University Hospital, one of Australia’s leading health and medical training providers, the GCHKP offers modern and extensive training and conferencing facilities. From specialised medical simulation training, to a broad range of conference and event facilities, the Precinct is developing as an Asia-Pacific medical training and conference hub.

Research and testing facilities in the GCHKP span the full spectrum across clinical and medical laboratories, industrial and engineering labs, specialised micro and nano-technology clean room facilities and advanced 3D printing and design laboratories, including a 3D metal printer with titanium printing capabilities (medical-grade) from late 2017. With significant capabilities for Clinical Trials and bio-medical research, including leading-edge equipment, the Precinct’s collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach combines disciplines and technologies to engineer advanced medical and industrial solutions.