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Learnings and legacy on the agenda ahead of SportAccord 2019

February 2019

Gold Coast is hosting the world sport and business summit, SportAccord 2019 which will bring more than 1,500 representatives from up to 100 countries to the city from 5-10 May.

Delegates for the summit include international federations, rights holders, organising committees, cities, press and media, businesses and other organisations involved in the development of sport.

For the first time, delegates will have the opportunity to discover the host city beyond the confines of the conference venue by participating in Creating Value in Sport – an Extension Programme to SportAccord 2019.

The Programme

Sunday 5 May – After the Games: Legacy and lessons learned

Through this first workshop, registered delegates will have the opportunity to:

  • hear the lessons learned from hosting the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) and the city’s approach to long-term legacy;
  • network with key players and suppliers from the sport and major events sector globally; and
  • get behind the scenes and explore iconic sporting venues that were part of GC2018.

Monday 6 May– Future Major Events: Insights and opportunities

Hosted by Major Events International, this second workshop is a valuable opportunity for registered delegates to:

  • hear from future major event hosts;
  • learn about major events supply chain and how to access these; and
  • develop new international partnerships through facilitated discussion and networking.

The Creating Value in Sport Programme is an exclusive opportunity for key decision makers in sports business and major events to explore Gold Coast’s major event venues first-hand, gain deeper insights into the major events supply chain, and to leverage the invaluable lessons learned from GC2018.

A host of opportunities

For Australia’s Gold Coast, hosting GC2018 was more than an event hosting experience; it was a once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring about rapid transformation across the city to continue emerging as a global sports destination.

Approximately $12 billion was invested in major infrastructure across the city ahead of GC2018. This included $200 million in new and upgraded sporting infrastructure, building on the city’s existing high performance sport facilities.

In terms of suppliers providing key infrastructure, logistics and management, or adding creative flair to special events and ceremonies, it was mostly local expertise from within the Gold Coast that worked behind the scenes to deliver a highly successful event.

The post-Games legacy is something cities bigger than the Gold Coast have struggled with. Olympic facilities in Rio de Janeiro and Athens were infamously left abandoned in the months following their time in the spotlight.

With the Gold Coast’s sport mindedness, many of its premier competition venues are made available to professional teams for pre-event training camps and friendly competition matches throughout the year when they’re not delivering other national and international major events.

The Gold Coast already had a formidable reputation as a major event destination.

But newly built and upgraded world-class sporting venues, outstanding sports science and training facilities – and major investment in new and improved public spaces and a public transportation network – now make the Gold Coast one of the foremost major events destinations globally.

World class facilities

With the ability to host one of the largest multi-sport events in the world, the Gold Coast inevitably boasts a well-rounded portfolio of international-standard competition venues.

Gold Coast has two multi-purpose stadiums, two flexible indoor sporting arenas, international standard aquatics centre with diving facilities and three Olympic-standard athletics tracks.

There are also sport-specific venues for hockey, tennis, basketball, cricket, beach volleyball, gymnastics, lawn bowls and sailing.

Why Gold Coast?

Gold Coast’s proven strengths in hosting large-scale sporting events, combined with its enviable natural environment, has seen the city step out onto the world stage and be recognised for its evolving sporting culture.

Sport Business International, recognised the Gold Coast as the Best Newcomer in its bi-annual Ultimate Sports Cities Rankings and Awards in 2016; and the Gold Coast currently ranked as the 21st top sporting city in the world in the Sportcal Global Sports Index.

The Gold Coast is also demonstrating that its core strengths lie beyond the staging of global events with a growing number of high-profile sport teams training on the Gold Coast and international sporting icons making the city their base.

To participate in the Programme please register by Friday 12 April 2019.

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