Grace Loves Lace founder Megan Ziems

Local label making waves in the bridal fashion industry

Maxine Steinmetz | June 2018

Australian label Grace Loves Lace is putting the Gold Coast on the world stage as a leader in exquisite bridal fashion.

The brand has an A-list celeb following and has almost half a million followers on Instagram and counting. Founder Megan Ziems tells We Are Gold Coast how her brand has gone from strength to strength since launching Grace’s flagship showroom in Burleigh Heads four years ago…

Tell us about Grace Loves Lace’s early days and how you came up with the name?

The Grace Loves Lace (GLL) name actually came about when I was trying to think of a catchy name that included the word lace. I knew I wanted lace to be in the name as our unique stretch laces are the core of our brand. I started GLL in the living room of my apartment in Palm Beach in 2010, so we’ve come a long way! I was working full time in marketing and doing GLL on the side until I was able to quit my job and work on GLL full time. I launched the debut collection online and we grew organically at an unprecedented speed. We eventually opened our first showroom in Burleigh Heads in 2014, this showroom is still up and running today, and is our only showroom in Australia.

What inspires you and your designs, we heard you’re about to launch a new collection this month!?

My goal is to always create gowns that make women feel confident, and our 2018 collection, Icon, further celebrates this. From the beginning our signature aesthetic has been ‘effortless glamour.’ We are known for the way we layer and mix fabrics and trims into unique combinations, in silhouettes that are comfortable and allow you to move. Our gowns definitely cater to the relaxed, laid-back bride as they are all handmade with lightweight, stretch fabrics and they feature zero restrictive elements like zips, boning and heavy fabrics.

Your label and fan base has grown exponentially over the years since humble beginnings on the southern Gold Coast; Grace Loves Lace has gone global! Tell us about your expansion into the US, UK and online markets…

The US and the UK have always been the largest international markets for us. When it came time to open our second showroom, LA was the obvious choice. We had previously hosted a Concierge event in Venice Beach in late 2015 and we received such an overwhelming response, the event was fully booked within days. It was a similar case in London. We held a Concierge in August 2016 that was meant to only be for one week, but we extended it to three weeks to meet demands.

A-list celebrities are mega-crushing over Grace Loves Lace, including our very own Gold Coast girl Margot Robbie who has been snapped wearing an off-the-shoulder midriff whilst out with friends in London. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the love and support you’ve received from such high-profile names?

Margot Robbie definitely encapsulates the kind of woman we design for. She’s down to earth, fun, confident, and loves to have a good time. We’re so excited women like her feel a connection to the brand.

The TV Week Logie Awards are being held at The Star Gold Coast on Sunday July 1, with a local reporter set to grace the red carpet with a beautiful piece from the occasion / bridesmaid collection. Are your clients excited to learn that your label is so much more than just stunning wedding gowns?

I think what our customer loves about the brand is it’s so much more than meets the eye. At first glance, you see wedding gowns in a style you’ve probably never seen before. Delve a little deeper to uncover we’re handmade in Australia in luxurious European laces and silks, not to mention you can order a Made To Order gown online and have it delivered to your door. On top of that, we design with women’s comfort in mind, so there’s no restrictive elements – we want our brides to let their hair down and have FUN. So yes, GLL is so much more than just stunning wedding gowns.

What advice would you give other up and coming Gold Coast fashion designers?

Like any business not just in fashion, first of all make sure you have a product / service that fills a gap in the market to ensure you’re providing a solution. Then you have to get to know your markets very intimately, do your research and know your customer. I think that’s really the key to delivering a product or service that will be well received.

Have you experienced any challenges operating a business from the Gold Coast as opposed to a fashion capital like Melbourne or Sydney?

I prefer a low key lifestyle so living on the southern end of the coast has always been where I want my kids to be raised, so the business needs to be close by. I think being outside the major fashion capitals has benefited GLL because it’s always allowed me to stay in my lane, not get caught up in the industry or what anyone else is doing. It really keeps me focused and ensures our product remains true to who we are.

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