All the Sex I've Ever Had – Call out for cast members

July 2018

In September, internationally renowned Canadian performance company Mammalian Diving Reflex will take up residency at HOTA, Home of the Arts for a month as they prepare for the remarkable performance, All the Sex I’ve Ever Had.

Every generation thinks it invented sex, but your grandparents probably have stories that would make your jaw drop.

Bringing together a cast of local people, Mammalian Diving Reflex will create a show based on real people who open-up about their lives, sexual experiences and the unexpected twists and turns of their relationships. Divulging stories of first crushes, turbulent affairs, unexpected pregnancies and deaths of loved ones. They’ll chat with the audience, toast to important milestones and sometimes even break out into a dance on-stage. All the Sex I’ve Ever Had offers an opportunity to acknowledge that our elders have a lot to teach us, a lot to share, and that aging can yield a way of being in the world that is open, generous and fearless.

In our youth-obsessed culture, All the Sex I’ve Ever Had re-establishes the notion of a community of wise elders to whom we can turn for advice gleaned from their vast wealth of life expertise. More than a mere exercise in titillation, it cuts to the heart of the human need to connect, whatever our age may be.

HOTA CEO Criena Gehrke said ‘We’re delighted to welcome Canadian company Mammalian Diving Reflex as they take up residency at HOTA, Home of the Arts in September.  Previous performances of All the Sex I’ve Ever Had have been thought provoking and truly heartwarming– we can’t wait to see what happens when the show takes on a Gold Coast flavour.’

If you’re over 65, interested in freely and generously talking about your life and think you might like to be involved, we’d love to chat to you. Contact Kate McDonald at kate.t.mcdonald@gmail.com / 0402 071 984. Expressions of interest close 13 August.

Who are Mammalian Diving Reflex?

Mammalian Diving Reflex was founded in Toronto in 1993, and initially primarily produced the stage-based performances of Artistic Director, Darren O’Donnell. In 2003, the company began to diversify its approach and generate work in a multitude of forms, focusing on creating “social acupuncture”: playful, provocative, site and social-specific participatory performances with non-actors of all ages and demographics, designed to bring people together in new and unusual ways.

In 2006, Darren published his book, Social Acupuncture, which established a theoretical foundation for this new direction and solidified it as the company’s primary creative methodology. Propelled by the company’s subsequent touring hit, Haircuts by Children – a performance about trust, children’s rights, generosity and vanity, where ten-year olds offer free haircuts to the public – Mammalian began to work with a wide array of new collaborators, including international art festivals, art galleries, city administrations, seniors homes, community centres, schools and other socially-related institutions of civil society.

In 2011, Mammalian launched Young Mammals, the company’s youth training wing. The mandate of Young Mammals is to collaborate with Toronto’s young people to create artistic work for youth and adults, with a long-term vision toward youth capacity building, diversification and strengthening the city’s arts industries.

Mammalian is co-led by a two-director team, consisting of Darren O’Donnell, Artistic Director and Eva Verity, Director, Creative Production.

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