Industry innovation

The Gold Coast is a city where leading sport academics partner with professional athletes to research, design and manufacture leading high-performance sport apparel. The city's universities partner with commercial enterprises to secure grants to research environmentally friendly garment materials and junior athletes directly access and partner with world-leading sporting apparel brands.

Economic transformation

The Gold Coast’s success in building a globally recognised sport city is testament to its forward-thinking attitude and bold attitude towards growth and development. GC2018 is a catalyst for the city to galvanise and deliver once-in-a-generation, city-transforming legacy projects. The development of the Commonwealth Games Village is one of the largest urban renewal projects undertaken on the Gold Coast and post GC2018, it will form the key residential, commercial and retail centre for the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct.

The co-location of the Commonwealth Games Village with a world-leading teaching and research university, Gold Coast University Hospital and allied medical facilities is creating a knowledge hub that has capacity to attract internationally recognised researchers, clinicians and enterprises – once again boosting the city onto the world stage. The economy is growing from a platform of tourism and construction to a diverse knowledge-based economic environment, with expertise in the sport, health and education sectors. As a relatively young city in transformation, the best is yet to come.