Host of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

The 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games was a defining moment in the city’s history.

Preparation for the Games saw significant investment in major projects, which has effectively redefined the city’s future and created a range of new investment opportunities.

With a strong focus on creating lasting social, economic and reputational legacies, Commonwealth Games infrastructure was designed to ensure future opportunities for business, trade, education, tourism and events.

A city investing in the future

Billions of dollars worth of major infrastructure projects have been completed on the Gold Coast in recent years.

Projects included expansion of the G:Link Light Rail network, the development of the Health and Knowledge Precinct, the $300 million upgrade of Gold Coast Airport, sporting infrastructure and the development of an Arts and Cultural Precinct.

Lifestyle - it doesn't get better than this

The Gold Coast boasts 57 kilometres of coastline and 21,000 hectares of rainforest, offering a lifestyle unparalleled to all major cities around the world.

With an array of natural experiences in close proximity to the city's professional hubs, the Gold Coast's work-life balance attracts workers, students and visitors from around the globe.

From beachfront esplanades and retail meccas to fine dining restaurants and hinterland retreats, the Gold Coast's lifestyle attractions are diverse and colourful in nature.

An economy of opportunity

The Gold Coast economy, valued at close to $25 billion, traditionally relied on tourism and construction.

Over the years the city has diversified and embraced knowledge-based industries including health, ICT, advanced manufacturing, education and professional services.

Over the next decade the city will grow to an employment base of almost 300,000 people.

Asia-Pacific hub

Australia has strong trade, investment and cultural links with the Asia-Pacific region.

The Gold Coast has cemented strong international relationships with this high growth market, stimulating trade, investment, cultural exchange, education and tourism.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

The Gold Coast epitomises a 'have-a-go' culture. Entrepreneurs and innovators are encouraged to make their business dreams a reality and are provided with the tools needed to get their startups off the ground.

Home to global technology companies, inventive startups, cutting-edge universities and supportive city leaders, the Gold Coast aims to lead the way in innovation.

Education destination of choice

From its world-class educational standards and stellar university facilities to its bold lifestyle and rich multicultural offering, there are endless reasons why students chose to study on the Gold Coast.

Home to more than 200 international and domestic education providers, including three world-class universities and specialist institutions, the Gold Coast offers a range of innovative courses and globally recognised qualifications.

Students are groomed on the Gold Coast to go beyond their potential, and are encouraged to enjoy a full social life, with the city’s envious lifestyle a major drawcard for domestic and international students.

Business friendly

The City of Gold Coast is committed to delivering a business friendly environment where industry prospers.

Australia has a competitive Corporate Tax Rate of 30 per cent and has corporate tax breaks available for small to medium sized businesses.

The City of Gold Coast is open for business and provides business incentives including the City of Gold Coast’s Investment Attraction program, which is focused on supporting new businesses and investors to the city.

Easy access to and from the city

The Gold Coast is positioned to operate across three time zones – Asia, Europe and America – allowing companies the opportunity to efficiently connect with their global counterparts and trading partners.

Two international airports service the city, Gold Coast and Brisbane, with direct routes to all major Australian cities and key locations across Asia, the Middle East, US and the Pacific.


For commercial, retail and residential markets, the Gold Coast delivers high value and relative affordability compared to Australia’s major cities.

From commercial office space to city parking and employee wages, the Gold Coast provides businesses with real opportunities to reduce overheads and establish a competitive business proposition nationally and internationally.

A world-class tourism destination

The Gold Coast is arguably Australia's favourite playground, attracting more than 13 million visitors annually.

From beautiful beaches and theme parks to hinterland retreats, national reserves and sub-tropical rainforests, the Gold Coast’s unparalleled natural landscape plays a significant role in attracting national and international visitors.

However it is not just the city's beauty that has everyone talking. The Gold Coast boasts award-winning restaurants, innovative cafés and world-class hotels and resorts that contribute to a dynamic cultural offering.

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