Placemakers* Gold Coast is the city’s leading independent arts organisation. It creates transformational, culture-led experiences that challenge expectations, change perceptions and create a unique and authentic sense of place.  It’s best known for curating the Gold Coasts’ annual contemporary arts festival, Bleach* the Gold Coast Festival, which has reinvigorated the cultural life of the city.

Placemakers* Gold Coast (formerly Bleached Arts) is an energetic, uniquely qualified, professional organisation with a proven track record in delivering inspiring, place-based, contemporary work and unexpected experiences that create a deep sense of place and enrich community life. It works with a wide range of organisations and communities to co-create unique and authentic experiences of place, inspiring both locals and visitors alike. It offers a range of culture-led services to town planners, developers, and government on the role culture plays in defining a city.

Placemakers Gold Coast has partnered with Opera Australia to stage Opera on the Beach to sold-out audiences and collaborated with QT Hotel Gold Coast and Peppers Soul on the immersive arts experience, Hotelling.  It curated programs for Tourism Australia conferences, and the 2018 Commonwealth Games Athletes Welcoming Ceremony. Its productions have won the Sydney Myer Group Award in 2019 and the Helpmann Award in 2018 for Tide in collaboration with The Farm.

Placemakers* Gold Coast believes everybody wins when arts and culture have a seat at the table at the outset of planning and development projects, embedding the voice of the community and enhancing the social, economic and cultural life of our city. The vision of Placemakers* is to see that arts and culture are built into every life.

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