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SWELL Sculpture Festival 2019


Luther Cora on his work, Mullet Season: The Mullet are very important to our family, here on the Gold Coast and in the Tweed Heads area. Mullet migrate from the cold waters in the South to the warmer waters in the North, during the cooler months. The flowering of the paperbark trees is the very first sign for our family that the mullet will start to travel through this area and that it’s time to grab our fishing gear, our spears, our nets, head down to the waters and start fishing. So this time of the mullet season is a very happy time. It’s a time of abundance.

People from surrounding areas visit the Gold Coast to hunt those mullet fish in the coastal creeks and waterways, to come together, to share stories, to share dances and songs. It’s a very important time, when the mullet are ready to harvest and are at their fattest – full of oils that keep us warm during winter. The mullet are painted in a range of colours to represent different people and our skin colour, all living together in this world, this ocean, this sea, and we’re all traveling the same way and respecting each other, acknowledging that we’re all in this together.


Luther Cora is an inspiring advocate for Indigenous culture, his Totem is the Black Cockatoo. A proud member of the Cora and Trare Families which come from the Bungaree Family, who are traditional people from Gold Coast area, also known as the Yugambeh Language group which is made up of several tribes, clans and family groups.

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Helensvale Cultural Centre
Sir John Overall Dr & Lindfield Road
Helensvale, QLD 4212 Australia

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