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‘Undercurrent’ A solo exhibition by artist Amanda Gorman

Undercurrent Large scale ink artworks inspired by the sea

‘Undercurrent’ is the first solo exhibition by Gold Coast Artist Amanda Gorman and is inspired by Amanda’s love and respect for the sea.

Smelling the salty air, feeling sand beneath her toes and looking out over the sea invokes feelings of peace and calm within Amanda, leaving her feeling grounded, energised and refreshed. She says the weight of the world is lifted and everything is bought back into perspective.”

The sea brings you back to earth and helps you realise that your problems or challenges are merely a drop in the ocean when it comes to the big wide world” Amanda shared.

“Each ink piece I have created for Undercurrent is an invitation to escape from the world for a moment, to let your mind wander, get lost in the ink, and be taken away by the undercurrent. I hope that you can feel the peace and calm that I feel when I am inspired by the sea” Amanda said.

Designed to bring a little pop of colour, a sense of luxury and peacefulness to a space, Amanda has captured the depth of colours classic to the ocean, the waves, and as the name suggests the undercurrent. When looking at the pieces it is easy to imagine yourself with your diving mask or googles on, looking peacefully into the depths and beyond, leaving you with a sense of peacefulness and calm.

The pieces in the Undercurrent collection are large scale canvases, measuring approximately 1.6 m x 1.2 m, are set in beautiful crisp floating frames, and are sure to add a coastal and fresh element to any space.

Amanda especially enjoys working with inks and says “when they are completed, they have a billowy soft flow about them that suits a gentle quiet space like a bedroom, waiting room or chilled office space. I love inks, they are so relaxing to work with”.

Working with a variety of mediums Amanda is also a very disciplined sketch artist. Often being referred to as ‘a human photocopier’, her portrait recreations in graphite pencil are often hard to pick as being sketches.

Amanda shared that she “loves experimenting with different styles and techniques and couldn’t ever see myself being tied down to one technique. Each one brings its own level of joy and each piece I create has a life of its own. Hours go by in what appears to be a second when I am creating. When I am drawing it feels almost meditative and when I am working with ink, I feel such satisfaction and peace”

The Undercurrent collection consists of 9 large scale pieces that will be on show and available for sale, along with a selection of Amanda’s various artworks.

Dive into Amanda Gorman’s solo exhibition ‘Undercurrent’ at Karma Collab Hub, 47 Lemana Lane Miami on Friday 23rd October from 5 pm – 9 pm.

DJ Floss (Amanda’s 10-year-old daughter) will be playing a selection of happy coastal tunes, waiters will have the champagne flowing and there will be delicious grazing boards to savour while guests take in the night’s artwork.

This is an invite-only event. Please contact Amanda directly to RSVP or register through Eventbrite here.

5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Karma Collab Hub
47 Lemana Lane
Miami, Queensland 4220 Australia

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